Do You Need to Hire a Traffic Planner for Your Spa?

26 09 2009



When assembling your team of experts and consultants for a new spa related direct your spa trafficproject, you don’t typically think of adding a state or city traffic planner to your team.  But should you?

The impact of avoiding congestion, underestimated space, and calculating flow and function is why many large scale spa brands are seeking the counsel of city traffic planners. With 18,000 – 80,000 square feet to be considered at some of these destination and mixed use spas, it’s no wonder they seek counsel.

There is one thing about spa planning and layout, just as with any other project management. Do it right the first time! I’ve seen too many spa projects: Start up’s and renovations get a VERY expensive education on what to do and not do in spa planning. Pay for your MBA at University, not on the job training with your project.

So why city traffic planners? Because they focus on things like bottlenecks, connectivity, and flow. Because your infrastructure and function push your traffic (clients) where you want them to be, at the time you want them to be there, while still maintaining a high traffic flow and the illusion of tranquility and space. 

Do you want your high paying luxury destination guests annoyed there are too many people in the hammam at peak hours, or that the siesta room is not siesta-worthy, or the organic juice bar does not meet their needs because of underestimated planning? I doubt it, unless you want your budgets not to be met, and unsettled investors on your back.

Let’s create an example of a large mixed use spa being built in Egypt or Beirut.  This will take a bit of knowledge about architecture, landscape architecture, civil & structural engineering, historical preservation, sociology, cultural history,  local talent access, local healing traditions, customs and labor laws, and possibly even immigration.  Not to mention consultants experienced in spa concepts, marketing, training and launch. Guess what, an urban planner or traffic engineer is very likely among this mix too.

Much of the above applies to nationally built spas as well as foreign built spas, however the issues of navigating foreign lands and laws increases the need for these. And since many of the large spas brands (BuddhaAttitude, Rosewood, Six Senses, ESPA) are launching in more remote, and more foreign wide open spaces, (Jordan, Damascus, Qatar, Maldives) the assembly of the project management team with the skill set above  is  first and foremost.

Here are some of the similarities amongst spa planning and traffic planning:

  • 1. Preserving useful and open spaces
  • 2. Be forward thinking for future growth and increased use/traffic
  • 3. Creative construction and solutions around existing or difficult areas
  • 4. Smart management and direction through the areas once they are built
  • 5. Reduction or elimination (in spas) of congestion that keeps flow and funtion going
  • 6. Managing the investment and getting the best market pricing

There is a high cost to congestion, even in spas. Planners of all types are there to help you solve your traffic flow problems and ensure your guests will float away in bliss, leaving a long trail of positive testimonials with everyone they meet, resulting in increased branding and traffic for you.  A traffic 2public relations dream.

In the meantime, keep the traffic jams to a minimum.


Lotus Effects and Spa Uno Proud Sponsors of ‘Gotta Spa’ Beauty Sweepstakes!

27 09 2008

Fellow blogger, Shannon Nelson, of ‘A Girls Gotta Spa’, was recently named one of the 101 women bloggers to watch this fall by WE magazine. It’s a beautiful thing when something you nurture and work to grow, receives recognition. Shannon has worked her way through the blog o sphere with some great PR strategies including last month’s, 30 day long sweepstakes giveaway, of which we were happy to be part of.  Sponsors and top brand names provided giveaway’s totaling almost $5,000, including Lotus Effects and Spa Uno’s five day Costa Rican spa getaway. I’ve be meaning to post about this for week’s, but of course have been blogging, writing and constructing different articles and tele seminars that have pulled me away. Or at least that’s my excuse.

If you weren’t part of ‘A Girl’s Gotta Spa’ sweepstakes, it would benefit you to keep a watch out for more events and giveaways on Shannon’s blog. She frequents beauty, fashion and wellness events and has plenty to say about it.  She also speaks on blogging, social media and PR, something I’m going to take advantage of for my own PR campaign. Check her out October 3-6 at Milwaukee Fashion Week!

Utilize your own social media to increase client touchpoints, promote sales, therapists, gimmicks, and prosper in our economic roller coaster in your spa, salon or resort. In the mean time check out a few things I’ve been working on to help the industry;

  • Master Class Tele seminars; Overcoming Roadblocks to Increase Sales Power sponsored by Today’s Therapist;Join me October 8th at 8:00 p.m. UK time
  • Cruise for P.I.I.N.K.-Charity Wellness Cruise for breast cancer awareness. 5 days of wellness seminars, relaxation, Caribbean ports, gift bags, auctions, and socializing; Join me October 13 -18 on the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas
  • Watch for my upcoming article on balance with complementary and alternative therapies in Spa Opportunities Magazine October 2008
  • Watch for my upcoming article on spa business supply chains and success in Spa Plus + Magazine November 2008
  • Watch for my upcoming tele seminar on finding profit and capital campaigns in Spa Journey’s December 2008

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Who’s on Board for the Cruise of the Year? Find Out How to Get YOUR Spot.

4 08 2008

I tend to get myself into trouble when managing several passion projects at once. This year has been a series of wellness events and socials supporting two great causes, breast cancer awareness and carbon free events. This is all leading up to a big cruise on board the Enchantment of the Seas, called ‘Cruise for P.I.I.N.K.’ setting sail October 13-18. This is truly the cruise of the year as we bring together experience, education and bonding for the professional and the consumer.

Because this is something I enjoy sharing with people and understand that there are many more out there who also share my caring and passion for this, I’ve expanding this to be an annual event. In part this has been a social experiment in networking and relationship building. Truth being, I’m not shy in calling up total strangers to tell them what I’m doing and get them involved, and it has been amazing the people across the country I’ve connected with who have donated their time, sponsorship and expertise for this wellness charity project. We have the support of leaders such as the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Spa Magazine, Jamu Spa Rituals, and speakers at top levels. Speakers include, Lori Giovannoni, breast cancer survivor, and other leaders such as Felicia Brown, Nancy Reagan, Angela Martindale, Anthony Carroccio, and myself Liz Galloway.

In addition to the excitement and anticipation of the cruise, we have enjoyed local events that have included silent auctions, and local products and services for sale. We are always generous in providing food and drink on the house to keep em’ coming, as they say. Always hosted by a different local business we enjoyed July’s event at Transform and are looking forward to August 20th for an evening on the veranda at Brookside Broiler. Want to join this months event? Get involved by calling the organizer for attendance, sponsorship or marketing at 801 419 0858. Check out out highlights from last month in the videos above. You you can be assured your in for a great event again. You will hear a presentation by a nationally renowned speaker and breast cancer survivor, Lori Giovannoni at 7:00 p.m., along with live music and a preview of our adult beverages and Brooksides summer menu.

A big thank you to July sponsors once again who helped make this possible;

We also put out a heartfelt thank you to the community, who donated $2000 worth of product and services to our silent auction. We raised hundreds of dollars for the local breast cancer chapter, Salt Lake City. Thanks to the efforts of;

I encourage each of you to get involved, patron our great sponsors and join our October cruise for only $474 per person. Register at 801 225 7600. See you August 20th for our next social with;

  • Laurie Gionavanni
  • Deborah Hart Originals
  • Brookside Broiler
  • Lotus Effects
  • Morris Murdock
  • Transform Studio
  • More….

Deborah Hart will also be creating a one of a kind P.I.I.N.K. jewelry piece for auction on the cruise with many other items! There is still limited space for a few more sponsors and auction items, please contact me to get involved and get marketing. 801 419 0858.

Seventh Wonder Day Spa Provides Care for Cancer Patients in Jacksonville

6 06 2008

St. Vincent’s Walk of Hope and and Indian Native Bring Hope to the “Walk”

Falli Shah, the owner of Seventh Wonder Day Spa in Jacksonville, Florida, has been described as a very giving and intuitive person. She is the one who provides relief for those patients in the “Walk of Hope” a pathway that connects the radiation oncology department with the DePaul Medical building, where the Seventh Wonder Day Spa is one of many information, and healing based “shops” that line the hall. The Day Spa, I can imagine, is one of the more anticipated locations, with its menu of ancient Eastern Therapies and energy based offers. This is a place where providers like Shah give care to patients of hysterectomies and double mastectomies. As you can imagine its a change in ambiance that requires an open invitation to those who may not otherwise seek out the comfort and stress relief they need. The “Walk” as they call it, is a comfort zone of sorts that brings talented and dedicated providers together to create an environment of understanding for cancer patients in a day spa environment.

Shah, who operates the Day Spa within the St. Vincent Cancer Center, seems to handle the clientele with expertise as she states that “The ancient Eastern therapy (Reiki) can be helpful to patients who cannot withstand a more traditional massage but need the stress-relieving benefits.” she recently said in a Florida Times Union review. Most Day Spas have the challenge of capturing their local clientele, but this location has no problem creating differentiation within the walls of the hospital, with energy therapies and a staff that cares. The vision of the St. Vincent director, Cynthia Farah, certainly contributed to this urban escape.“We wanted to provide a soothing and healing environment for our cancer patients,” said Farah. (Florida Times Review) Recognizing the connection of the mind in healing the body.

The Seventh Wonder – Shah Brings Themata to Jacksonville

Sustainability within the mind-body connection is something more prevalent in the hearts of everyday people like you and me. Don’t worry, its not only those undergoing therapy who are able to enjoy the healing hands of Falli Shah and her staff at Seventh Wonder. They have a second location as an established day spa providing the traditional massage, mani/pedi and intensive skin therapies for anti aging. Shah a native of India also brings her training in threading, a safer alternative to waxing, that removes unwanted hair with a loop of cotton thread. Threading is also a method of brow shaping growing in popularity among the spa masses. Ear coning is also provided at Seventh Wonder. This fascinating therapy may not be for everyone, but it works! Coning helps to pull our impurities from the ear canal with heat and smoke. Including ear wax, residue and other interesting elements. This one you’ll have to try for yourself.

If you’re going for what I like most which are the facials, you’re in good hands. The menu includes pulsed light rejuvenation for acne, skin texturing, and sun damage. Depending on your flavor of the day, or season, you may go for a series of microdermabrasion facials, or hyradermie to target the neck and eyes. Just in time for summer. I’ll let you do a little more exploring of the menu combinations for your own indulgence.

Though not build by the Greeks or Egyptians, this day spa is still a ‘must see’ or theamata, (wonder) as the Greeks would say. Seventh Wonder brings an international feel and an immersive setting of relaxation. A little wonder in an unexpected place. Say hello to Falli for us!

Roosevelt Blvd.

Tue – Sat 10 AM – 6 PM
Jacksonville, Florida

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Mon, Tues, Thu
10 AM – 5 PM

Spa Relaxation: Your Complete Reward – by Voda Spa

25 04 2008


We are always looking for creative and refreshing spa concepts to deliver to our readers and also keep the industry on it’s toes. Which is why it was so pleasant to receive an introduction to the Voda Spa, West Hollywood. This spa brings patrons a very international feel with gents facials, VIP rooms and Russian Banyan treatments. Caviar wrap anyone?

They’ve taken every pre determined desire for their clients and turned it into a well delivered concept, from privacy to a luxurious and unique spa cafe. In their own words they talk about the foundations influences. “At the Los Angeles, voda spa, a variety of world traditions are taken into consideration, as among the four saunas are a Swedish/Finnish cedar dry sauna, a Turkish wet steam bath, and two Russian banyas, one ‘wet,’ the other ‘dry’. Each of the banyas is filled with hundreds of pounds of superheated rocks, producing a pleasantly intense heat.” Voda Spa

Memberships are offered with several levels of benefits and VIP treatment, and Kids from 6 -16 are welcome, encouraging you to make this day resort a family tradition. All of this is just in time for Mother’s Day, and the prices are so bad either, so you can book a treatment with your Mom while your at it. Give this outstanding Los Angeles spa a call for your membership opportunities and to book a treatment. We know this is one spa to keep an eye on. Na zdorovje! To your health! Enjoy the following article presented by Voda Spa themselves.


Everyday stresses necessitate us to avail of some sort of therapy to help us get by. However, it can be rather impractical to keep going to the doctor each time we feel something aching in our bodies. Spa therapy is a great alternative to seeking traditional medicine as it rids us of everyday muscle pains and rejuvenates our health.

Spa massage therapy is not cheap at all, but it provides countless benefits not only to our physical health but also to our mental and emotional well-being. At Voda Spa a famous LA day spa, located at Santa Monica Boulevard, you can choose from various spa massage techniques, the more popular ones being Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu.

There are current spa massage trends that are slowly carving their own niches in the industry. There’s the deep tissue massage, the medical massage, and the sports massage doing the rounds of the rich and famous. And as soon as skin care can not be imagined without a body scrub, the goal of which is to tighten, revitalize and activate skin circulation, giving the skin a youthful and vibrant glow, Voda Spa offers a great scrub massage addition to your overall spa experience. Scrubs are a great and effective way of thoroughly cleansing your entire body while providing it with an overall skin care treatment.

Alternative therapy making use of spa massage is nowadays undetached from traditional medicine. Many physicians have begun to see the advantages of recommending spa massage therapy in conjunction with the work done by podiatrists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Career men and women who work hard also make it a point to play hard. For them, an excellent spa massage is their just reward for all the hard work they do, day in and day out. To relieve yourself of the accumulated stress, treat yourself to an out-of-this-world experience and get a rejuvenating spa massage today.

7700 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-4411

Take your virtual tour at Voda Spa today. Click here.

Earth Day and Spa Business Marketing – April 22 2008

22 04 2008

A Little Bit of All of Us For Earth Day

So many of us, including many ‘green’ minded spas, are sharing our ideas and resources for helping make Earth Day a success. That can mean combining your philosophical and environmentalist selves, with your spa business success. If you haven’t already put together some marketing mix to take advantage of this well celebrated holiday, it’s time to get your creative mind together, and put together a fantastic development by tomorrow. Whether that is a branding idea with a well place logo, that can also get people to be aware of doing at least one small thing for Earth Day, or something less obvious. It’s just creating word of mouth. Give away water bottles with your spa logo on them, to remind people of reuse, not overuse. Start making some calls now, and invite your local TV and radio celebs into your location for complimentary organic product, or a natural treatment just for TODAY ONLY, and then start entertaining in your spa with an open house. Don’t have a high profile? Get some of your spa professionals out into the street to offer giveaway’s, attract clientele and otherwise bring a spot light to your location. Partner with a non profit to benefit someone with your spa profits from Earth Day,  the possibilities are endless. If your not taking advantage of every holiday as a reason to entertain and bring attention to your location, your not doing your job. Spas across the planet are putting their best foot forward, here’s a few reviews;


Mandara Spa Celebrates “World Earth Day” in their Shanghai location by partnering with a US. non profit, Arbor Day Foundation, that boasts nearly one million members to help conserve and plant trees, a life source for us all. Anna Bartram of China Economic Review says $1 from each treatment will be donated to the foundation in support of Earth Day.  It looks like Marriott International and other Mandara Spa are also making the effort to support this project. “Marriott International has recently signed an agreement with the State of Amazonas in Brazil to fund US$2 million to an environmental management plan to be carried out by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. Guests at Marriott hotels will be able to contribute to this fund by the end of the year.” Anna Bartram This is a great example of high profile support. Do you think they are also using this to let the media know what they are doing? You bet, otherwise they wouldn’t be taking care of public relations very well. You can still be a philanthropist and be a successful business owner, that uses every opportunity to bring attention to your spa.

Elle Magazine has also jumped on board with their Earth Day themed bus tour.  “Elle Magazine’s Eco-Salon & Spa Celebrates Earth Day in So. Calif and Goes Green with Goodies for YOU!” says Stevie Wilson of L.A.  Story in her recent interview and article with one of their PR guru’s. Almost every magazine will have an issue or at least a section of showcased eco-products, businesses and trends to try to get people informed and on board for more long term sustainable living. A subject I am a fan of. I’ve recently gotten rid of my gas hoggin’ car, gone paperless in my business, and gotten off junk mail lists, and that was just last week. Of course in the scheme it’s not much, but we do what we can.

Along these lines Elle Magazine has decided to take it beyond just their green issue and into the street, literally. ” What Elle Magazine did was create a bus — not just any bus- but a biodiesel-fueled eco-salon and spa bus that’s green inside and out will be traveling around Southern California from Tuesday, April 15, 2008 – Sunday, May 4, 2008 making one-day stops at exclusive shopping areas and attractions.” Stevie Wilson

They will showcase what hot in eco products and trends, giving beauty treatments, and attracting awareness for ecologically efficient changes withing each of us. Want to make sure to meet up and support this crazy media tour? See their calendar below to get on board. Elle Magazine ECO BUS;

Tuesday, April 22 – Earth Day celebrated at Third Street Promenade from 11AM -7PM

* Wednesday, April 23 – The Grove (park in front of Nordstrom’s) from 11AM -7PM

* Thursday, April 24 – Kinross Ave & Gayley Ave in Westwood (in front of Gamestop) from 11AM-7PM

* Friday, April 25 – Weyburn Place & Broxton Ave in Westwood (in front of CPK) from 11AM-7PM

* Saturday, April 26 – Main Street in Santa Monica (front of The Victorian) from 11AM-7PM

* Sunday, April 27 – Malibu Country Mart (near Taverna Tony) from 11AM-7PM

* Tuesday, April 29 – Third Street Promenade from 11AM-7PM

* Wednesday, April 30 – Third Street Promenade from 11AM-7PM

* Thursday, May 1 – Manhattan Beach (at the El Porto lot) from 11AM-7PM

* Friday, May 2 – Manhattan Beach (at the El Porto lot) from 11AM-7PM

* Saturday, May 3 – Montana Street in Santa Monica (in front of Wild Oats Market) from 11AM-7PM

* Sunday, May 4 – Main Street in Santa Monica (in front of Monkie) from 11AM-7PM

Here’s a quick inspiration for a different look on celebrating Earth Day;



I’m not done yet, here’s a few more eco friendly spas that are making their own contributions to a sustainble world. The Sunrise Earth Day Spa, has gone all green in it’s building. It’s earth inspired decor, includes natural materials such as dark wood, bamboo, silk, leather, and Asian flora. Before treatment, guests are served fresh juices and are treated to a hot foot bath integrating the client’s choice of Dead Sea salts, sugar, or milk powders. The menu of services includes fresh fruit facials and body wraps, reflexology, manicures and pedicures, mineral makeup consultations, and waxing services. Taking it all natural.

How about organic products to add to your spa, create private label and increase your branding? It can be done with both of these organic spa product developers.  Raw Botanicals is a handmade organic product made in Costa Rica, with natural exotic products and certified organic ingredients.  You can see an article I wrote on sustainable living here, that includes Raw Botanicals giving back to the community, as published in Spa Management Journal March 2008. You can also contact organic spa product developers, YUM, with Preston Inc., for organic private label options with volcanic mud, licorice etc., Both great for giveaway’s, client gift bags, Earth Day and everyday. Check it out.

Other spas are contributing to their clients well being and the world’s bottom line, by asking people to bring in any old bliss bag to any spa location on Earth Day, April 22, to receive 20% off any purchase of bliss and Laboratoire Remede products. This and other product offers are highlighted  by Laurie at Beauty Spot.

Create your own Earth Day idea both at the spa and home, and don’t be afraid to share your results with us, we love great feedback.  So get crafty, shop wisely, save electricity, high a tree, recycle, save gas, and pay it forward. The earth is for all of us! Happy Earth Day!

When the ‘Expert’ Needs an Expert –

29 03 2008

The definition of expert is; “A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority.” Of course there are other definitions to this, but for the purpose here, we will generalize. I’ve been prompted to post this in response to finding several so called “experts” who have claimed to know something but have merely regurgitated old information. I’m not sure if this is in part from laziness, or fear of stepping out the box, and actually stating an original opinion. I’ve also found others who have used this title as an ego boost and solicitation of business almost to a level of unethical behavior. We don’t need to get into the psychology here of borderline personalities, just the fact there are many.

I know, I know. It’s easy to criticize, and my purpose here is not to do so, but to review both sides of this expert opinion coin. I’m not claiming of course, to be an expert on the subject, so take it or leave it. However, I’m not afraid to take an in depth look at something, and try to share valuable information with others either. Enjoy.

Being an expert or authority on something doesn’t necessarily have to do with the length of time you’ve been doing something, though time can’t typically be replaced. I feel there are certain areas where this is more applicable. For example, in surgery, or chemistry, this may certainly be the case. More time creates a higher aptitude to predict certain outcomes. To play devil’s advocate, I could say that time is relative. A doctor in practice for 20 years, may not be as up to date on technology, or open to new ideas as someone new and highly motivated in the field. What makes this true? Your viewpoint, to start with.

There are other industries where, clearly, time did not make the expert. Technology, websites, internet growth, fashion, an other common inventions by people who have surged to the top of industries, not from the length of time they had been in the industry, but a combination of things. A combination of what others are calling the “secret sauce” of expertise. Doing, learning, and apprenticing (being mentored) This comment comes from Lorelle VanFossen of BlogHerald . 1) “I think some amount of time spent apprenticing and learning, as well as doing, should be part of the qualification (to become an expert).” Well put, since it takes varying efforts to try to categorize who can and can’t be called an expert.

Experts are meant to provide something others can’t. To manage and create dream teams, design and follow through on a project in ways most can’t, share and mentor you with experience gained through time or hands on experience, and to create that perfect mix of business and personality that creates a win- win benefit. That’s a lot to manage. So just how do we know who an expert is, and when the experts, need an expert? Here are a few good rules;

  • Check background and credentials
  • Get testimonials and former clients, students, or colleagues to weigh in
  • In academia and business you can check claims and references; licensing, associations, boards, and BBB
  • Check body language and speech
  • See if they are referenced or cited in other ‘expert’ opinions, papers, websites, links, and books etc.
  • Be aware of quick claims, fast talk, over blown promises and unprofessional behavior
  • Big, bold type and unprofessional web sites and business cards can signal a pseudo expert

While it’s clear that people seek out experts to lessen gaps in learning and for advice, it’s recommended you do some homework of your own in this area. Depending on what industry you are in, you will have a different view of what an expert is, and what justifies the title of expert for an individual. Many people look to consultants as experts in industries across the board. These change agents are usually at the top of their field and have gained experience over the years. Others think the claim of consultants are an unnecessary evil. Either way, people want to be around leaders, and innovators. People listen to what experts say, and many take it at face value, even doing things they wouldn’t normally do at the bidding of an expert. I’m sure you can think of both good and bad examples to insert here.

It’s nice to think of top trainers or leaders, as the “all knowing” expert, but even top experts need to seek good advice. At least those with an authentic desire to continue to improve their expertise do. It’s alluring and flattering to be promoted as an expert, and hopefully when in that position, you’ve earned it. Many are expected to predict the future, and part seas. Of course that will continue to be out of our reach, even for so called experts.

What I see as important, is the need for peer review and supervision at the expert level. Keeping a thorough assessment on what creates a true expert with some oversite can encourage new ideas, and a reciprocal exchange of information (hence more expertise) all of which can be used for increased understanding in the field.

What we try to do with one of our companies, Lotus Effects, and those we affiliate ourselves with, is to expand the level of expertise by including those who fill gaps in our less focused areas, and push forward for what we call ‘kaizen’ or continuous improvement. We create assessments, programs, and models that are part of aspects of our work that can be evaluated by peers, clients, and other experts. It’s important to seek collaboration. Apparently I’m not the only one to feel this way. These comments came from Ted Nguyen on Blog Herald, “I didn’t create this stuff, I just found them and put them together for you. I’m a good synthesizer of information.” In other words, I’m good at taking bits of information and making them coherent or “make sense.” in referencing his ongoing need to learn and improve his specialist status. He goes on to say. ” So what I did was to collaborate with others who were more experienced than me but who were in related areas like “counseling.” While doing this, I read as much as I could online and through books & was fortunate enough to attend a conference (which really helped me).

Typically there has been a hierarchical system in which experts are viewed, and the more training, credentials, awards and experience in the field the more you are viewed as an expert. That is true, and if deserved, I can stand behind that. But with this there should be a collaboration of professionals for experts to turn to, and the ones I have known to be true authorities subscribe to this mindset also.

All of us at some time need a little advice, and a fresh point of view. So in closing, my point is that experts who can acknowledge that an open peer assessment, and supervision is a great template for valuing expert authority, rather than relying solely on the allure of the ego, will be the experts you want to go to. This helps the expert to keep from viewing themselves as “all knowing”. Experts, too, should create a balance with their level of experience and the weight of that title. The key is to focus on the importance of information and the end user, rather than internalizing the title of expert. Then again, I guess I’ve always been one those who challenges authority, and believes in organic growth for personal and professional development.

Join us for more opinion generating here.