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24 09 2009

40 is the New 20 – Take a Look at Some Great Products for Women.

Murad Face Serum

This first thing that I need in the morning is a pick me up face product. One that works great for women of mid age, and myself as I’m coming into the age of ’40’ is the new ’20’, is a dual face serum and silky make up primer.

Thats why I love Murad’s Perfecting Serum.  Don’t let the “Age Reform” trademark throw you.  Beautiful, confident and strong women don’t need reforming, but the product does what it says in perfecting and priming the skin for your day.

More Magazine  recently listed its 12 top fall picks for your beauty bag. I also use several of these products, so I thought I’d share them with you. New York Beauty Editor, Nikki Ostasiewski, reviewed the products listed and gives you her comments on . I suggest keeping up with this self proclaimed “lipstick wrangler”.  A soul twin, as the one thing I don’t leave the house without is a good, bold lipstick.

As many of you know with over 11 years in the spa, wellness and beauty industry, I receive tons of products for review, do secret shopping checks, help others formulate their own products and follow product trends to use as sponsors of many events.  Murad is a line I’ve come to appreciate, and it works for my skin. Do more shopping with them now., focused on anti-aging and acne.

I’ve known several spas that have used this line in their retail mix, and added some to its professional mix. Including, International Day Spa & Healing Center, and Essential Day Spa, with other famous spas in Las Vegas on board as well.

Howard Murad, the skin science expert, has been involved in the spa industry for some time.  Much of their more recent focus has been an increased use and sales of their line to spas, salons and medical spa centers. With an expansion into its own Murad Inclusive Health Centers, it looks like it will continue to lead in anti aging and cellular repair. They have my vote.

Another tasty product highlighted by the “lipstick wrangler” is Kiehls Body Balm.  I just ordered my own supply of this one, since I couldn’t locate here in the Mediterranean.  A friend is bringing a whole supply of products in my goody bag when we meet up in Paris next month.  (I just love birthdays)

You can purchase their products and review more by creating your own mini home spa.  This is a deliciously scented hydrating balm, perfect for keeping skin supple, and youthful. I find myself needed more and more hydrating, even with all the wonderful access to traditional Mediterranean thalossotherapy.kiehls body balm


Keep following as we will be bringing in more highlights of products, especially as I do a new review of the wellness factors in the Mediterranean for the next Health Tourism Magazine issue. As always if you have more suggestions, a product to review, or are looking for a lab to help you formulate your own scents and ingredients, let us know.

We source many producers in the U.S., Europe and Thailand. In the meantime follow More Magazine, a new favorite of mine for reinventing yourself, inspiration, lifestyle and beauty.

Have a beauty day! Ciao.


Spa Relaxation: Your Complete Reward – by Voda Spa

25 04 2008


We are always looking for creative and refreshing spa concepts to deliver to our readers and also keep the industry on it’s toes. Which is why it was so pleasant to receive an introduction to the Voda Spa, West Hollywood. This spa brings patrons a very international feel with gents facials, VIP rooms and Russian Banyan treatments. Caviar wrap anyone?

They’ve taken every pre determined desire for their clients and turned it into a well delivered concept, from privacy to a luxurious and unique spa cafe. In their own words they talk about the foundations influences. “At the Los Angeles, voda spa, a variety of world traditions are taken into consideration, as among the four saunas are a Swedish/Finnish cedar dry sauna, a Turkish wet steam bath, and two Russian banyas, one ‘wet,’ the other ‘dry’. Each of the banyas is filled with hundreds of pounds of superheated rocks, producing a pleasantly intense heat.” Voda Spa

Memberships are offered with several levels of benefits and VIP treatment, and Kids from 6 -16 are welcome, encouraging you to make this day resort a family tradition. All of this is just in time for Mother’s Day, and the prices are so bad either, so you can book a treatment with your Mom while your at it. Give this outstanding Los Angeles spa a call for your membership opportunities and to book a treatment. We know this is one spa to keep an eye on. Na zdorovje! To your health! Enjoy the following article presented by Voda Spa themselves.


Everyday stresses necessitate us to avail of some sort of therapy to help us get by. However, it can be rather impractical to keep going to the doctor each time we feel something aching in our bodies. Spa therapy is a great alternative to seeking traditional medicine as it rids us of everyday muscle pains and rejuvenates our health.

Spa massage therapy is not cheap at all, but it provides countless benefits not only to our physical health but also to our mental and emotional well-being. At Voda Spa a famous LA day spa, located at Santa Monica Boulevard, you can choose from various spa massage techniques, the more popular ones being Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu.

There are current spa massage trends that are slowly carving their own niches in the industry. There’s the deep tissue massage, the medical massage, and the sports massage doing the rounds of the rich and famous. And as soon as skin care can not be imagined without a body scrub, the goal of which is to tighten, revitalize and activate skin circulation, giving the skin a youthful and vibrant glow, Voda Spa offers a great scrub massage addition to your overall spa experience. Scrubs are a great and effective way of thoroughly cleansing your entire body while providing it with an overall skin care treatment.

Alternative therapy making use of spa massage is nowadays undetached from traditional medicine. Many physicians have begun to see the advantages of recommending spa massage therapy in conjunction with the work done by podiatrists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Career men and women who work hard also make it a point to play hard. For them, an excellent spa massage is their just reward for all the hard work they do, day in and day out. To relieve yourself of the accumulated stress, treat yourself to an out-of-this-world experience and get a rejuvenating spa massage today.

7700 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-4411

Take your virtual tour at Voda Spa today. Click here.