Refresh Your Sleep. Increase Your Sales.

18 08 2009

sleepDid you sleep well last night?  You may be one of those who can fall asleep anywhere (parks,class, movies, weddings, while driving….) and partakes of the famed “siesta.”  A very serious subject in the Mediterranean. Try to do your errands or get some shopping done during siesta” time. (2-4 p.m.) Fuget’  da ’bout it!

While I’ve been fascinated by sleep and dreaming since primary school days, I’m not one of the lucky ones who has ease with the mistress of sleep.  Besides I’ve often thought it was a waste of time. Just think how much you could get done if you didn’t require the need for sleep.  However, until I’m part bionic, I still require, sleep, food, and water. Ahhhh….

LA CAIXA 16Babies sleep when it calls, then we pass through the sleepless days of adolescense and return to the need for more sleep in our maturing years. (sometimes not voluntary) What ever your sleep “patterns”‘ are they determine your efficacy during the day, your weight, and the quality of your life, among other things.

It’s been medically proven that sleep affects every aspect in our lives.  There are severe sleep disturbances  such as sleep apnea, or more superficial disturbances such as reapeated waking through out the night.  All of them can be measured with a simple sleep study.  Sleep studies monitor if you  reach REM sleep, where your concious being is allowed to rest or if you  sleep on a more superficial level, leading to a night’s rest that leaves you feeling….well…..sleepy!

I decided to give my sleep the test. I had nothing to lose, and every edge to gain. I volunteered for a new sleep program launched on the island of Mallorca.  If nothing else worked, I would have at least enjoyed breathtaking surroundings, and gotten out of my daily routine. That alone was worth the asking price of the all inclusive program at 3,500 euros. (approx. $4,760)

It came at a great time too, since I’ve been researching corporate health, competitive edge, and the success patterns of high level CEO’s to include in a new book. The title CEO demands creativity and the ability to carve out your own path. It also has given way to some little secrets of the successful, and uber rich. High level executives seek out healthy programs that can offer an edge. Since not a single one of us, is completly balanced ALL of the time, even execs, presidents, and  famous althetes seek out coaching, training, and exclusive programs to help them stay on top. Sleep programs are a trend in the area of “edge”.

The reason? IT WORKS. People who are required to stay fresh and lithe mentally, need an edge, and time to download all of the gathered info.

Many employers, corporate health supporters and fortune 100 CEO’s are finding that paying attention to each of their own unique sleep-wake cycles can improve their competitive edge. Clear mind, inceased creativity, and an effective focus.

 View my candid sleep journal and night “cam” during my own medically supervised sleep study while visiting a 5 star spa in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca. As I lay down at 11.15 p.m., I record some of my thoughts on what the expectations are.  (Be warned I look like I’m recovering from a hospital stay)  Tomorrow at 8.00 a.m. the doctor and sleep guide are scheduled to be in my room (swanky private hotel suite) to wake me, remove the electrodes, and ensure I do the first step of my 10 step program for the day. Stretching!

Click here:   Spa Sleep Program, Mallorca Spain

 My medical consultation and polysomnography results showed I didn’t sleep so bad afterall, but my oxygen levels where down, I had several unnecessary “arousals” throughout the night. Plain language, waking up for minutes at a time, pulling me out of REM, and lessening my deep sleep. My sleep hygiene needed to be altered to increase my productivity.

  • NO more computer in bed
  • NO more eating in bed. (yes on occasion and don’t say you don’t do it too)
  • NO more late night TV watching
  • NO more doubling the bedroom for an office, daycare, visiting room, or anything else.

In short, among others, I had to develop a habitual sleep routine.

There are many spa sleep programs and the buzz is growing.  Find out more under sleep hygiene or our links in this blog., or by joing the “Learn To Sleep” program in Mallorca.

Sleep may seem like a huge waste, but there must be a reason that 1/3 of our lives is spent asleep.  So retreat to your man cave, your boudior, sun patch, beach hammock, or massage table, and sleep, sleep , sleep away.

It wouldn’t hurt to get your sleep study results and change patterns in your life either. I helped me.

In the end, refreshed sleep will increase your sales, and leaves you more efficient throughout the day.


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