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If there is something we can do to assist you in your personal or business growth, we want to know about it. Got and event, press, products or other interesting news? Send it our way. Any questions about our blog content is open for discussion, and don’t forget to contact us for a free 45 minute spa business and personal wellness consultation.

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  • Buying/Selling Spas
  • Concept Design and Business Layout
  • Feasibility and Business Plan Development Review
  • Facility Management, Training or Lease Back
  • Virtual Partnerships for Short or Long Term
  • Costa Rica Wellness Property Investments
  • System Protocols and Procedures
  • Seminars, Getaways and Speakers

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2 07 2008
Nancy Reagan

Hello Liz,
It was a pleasure meeting you and learning about all of the special spa events that you are involved with…nice PR! I looked at the cruise last night…sounds like a blast. I am actually a fairly entertaining speaker…you didn’t ask..but I can speak on many subjects…that would affect the consumer…like a funny one would be what to do in the spa? with info on what to do when you have a massage? do you take your clothes off…etc…consumer tips for the Non-Spa-Goer. Or do you want the topic that you have on life & balance?

Please let me know your preference, so that I may book the cruise & plan the speech. Thank you for the opportunity.


27 08 2008
Mitesh Purohit

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mitesh Purohit and I am writing to you with regards to obtaining your email address so that I can send some information/questions with regards to possible future features.

I thank you for your time and look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Mitesh Purohit

11 09 2009

Thanks Mitesh,

We are happy to speak with you, you can contact Lotus Effects Consulting at

Or send future contributions and features there.

29 08 2008

Dear Spa Bloggers:

A few other women and I have started a company called SweetSpot Labs which provides “Intimate Grooming” for your sweetest spot!

We know your are big in the spa blog world and we would love to send over some free product that may inspire you!

Is there an address where we could reach you?


SweetSpot Labs

“and swirled justly souls of flower strike

the air in utterable coolness…” e.e. cummings

8 09 2008
Joshua Soros

We are considering hosting a breast cancer donation promotion among other things on our hot tubs site. I’d like to speak with you about the possibility of writing an article related to this and also about the health benefits of spas. Please contact me via or on my cell at 215-917-5674.

Joshua Soros
Director of Business Development & Marketing
767 Bryant St., #201
San Francisco, CA 94107

415-618-0681 | Office
215-917-5674 | Mobile
415-618-0682 | Fax

10 10 2008
Simon Chan

Hi, my name is Simon from I was impressed by your hot tubs review site and would like to work with you in a sponsored article or link about our hot tubs at Please feel free to reach me at with your contact information if youʼd be interested in discussing this further.

Simon Chan
Marketing Associate

21 10 2008
Chris Brazy

Hi Liz,
I was wondering what your expertise was and about setting up an interview/teleseminar with you. Do you think your list would find this useful?

14 11 2008

I need a format of costing ect to develop the spa, from the beginning to the final touches. I had 2 wellness spa and did everything myself. Was wondering if you can help me with costings format.



20 04 2009

Liz – Might you have some time to speak with me offline? I can be contacted at I am intrigued by your offer of a free 45 minute spa business and personal wellness consultation. I loved your recent post about choosing an industry mentor and wondered if you would consider this.

Michele McIntyre

9 09 2009
Kristine Ugalde

I’m interested in submitting products for review.

11 09 2009

Thanks Kristine,

Please contact Lotus Effects Consulting at

Let us know your ideas, product items, and more for review there. We look forward to it.

16 10 2009
gustavo albanesi

Hi, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
I’m the owner of Buddha Spa (a chain of spas in Brazil) and the president of the Brazilian Spa Association. I also believe we could set up a partnership about some matters.


20 10 2009

Or pergola As

28 01 2010

Hi Liz,

Victoria from Hoping you can get in touch to update your details for our blog directory. Please email me on when you have the chance.

Thanks very much and THANK YOU very much for the 3rd birthday wishes!
All the best,

16 02 2010
Laura H

Hello Liz,
Could I please have you email me so I can ask you a few business questions?
Laura H

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