Our mission here at the Planet Spa blog is to be a mentor, catalyst and resource that enables people, businesses and spas, to capture their true level of success. There are many languages that celebrate this concept. With my travels as a spa consultant and “wanderer” at heart, I’ve come across a few. Costa Rican’s celebrate PURA VIDA, pure life. Japanese celebrate “KIAZEN”, continous improvement. The Italians celebrate “FORTUNA”, success. What ever the language you find yourself in, or perhaps wanting to learn, it all translates to finding a true level of balance.

With the ongoing growth in all spa concepts, and a desire to live a well balanced and fulfilling life, people look to spas. Whether you are a spa owner, spa enthusiast, spa practitioner, or you are thinking of owning a spa one day, this is the blog for you.

We will continually look to bring you new articles and information on what is happening in both the spa and business worlds. We realize to stay competitive you need the right information, and easy access to it. We make information access easy. Rather than searching through the infinite web for information, you can get your answers right here. If we don’t address a specific question, please contact us directly and we will get it taken care of.


To help people anticipate and create the life they want rather than react to the life they have. We do that by providing the tools, support and up to date information to help you reach your goals, mentor you and provide better educational options.


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23 09 2008
Natasha Bullard

Hi There!

Now is the time to book those Spa Week treatments! Go to spaweek.org and choose from hundreds of fabulous spa services for only $50 each. Check out our wellness picks (highlighted in pink) and the eco-friendly treatments (highlighted in green)!

SPA Week
What: $50 full service spa treatments in the Mid-West, East Coast, and Canada!
When: October 13th-19th! Appointments fill up quick. You can book now!
How: Visit http://www.spaweek.org to see a full list of participants and the treatments they are offering. Pick your favorite (or favorites plural!) and call the spa directly to book. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
Why: De-stress. Relax. Treat yourself AND have money to spare on a chic new pair of boots.

I would love it if you could help me spread the wellness and get the word out to all your readers so that they can take advantage of Spa Week! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks in Advance,

Natasha Bullard
Spa Week Media, Ltd
150 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001
p. 212. 352. 8098
f. 212. 352. 2642

14 11 2008

This is really wonderful to see what you are doing. I am busy with a proposal setting a world class spa in South Africa. I had 2 of my own and sold it. I am now in Johannesburg and busy with my new vision of setting up this spa.

Is it possible to supply me with the necessary formats like costing ect.

Anything you can send me I would appreciate.



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