Spa Education Options -Without Travel

25 07 2009
Second edition launched after much research and management.

Second edition launched after much research and management.

With many spa owners, practioners and even larger companies making creative changes in their marketing budgets, its key to have educational options that can be delivered to your door. Eliminate costs of  travel to  seminars, workshop or expos., and look for options that fit your defined purpose and educational goals.

Notice I say “defined purpose” . Depending on needs: Management, treatments & bodywork, financing, marketing & public relations, revamp, or start up….. there are a variety of options to get an infusion of knowledge and add other materials to your reference library to stay flexible and competitive.

“Spa Career Success” : what makes your spa so special? is a spa career managment and success tool in book form. With years of research and development the info, includes $150 worth of templates and tools, along with  spa treatment basics and advanced therapies,  top marketing reviews to help increase your bottom line, and resources and spa career success tips. Used in high end seminars, workshops and trainers, you can enjoy the tools, and have follow up coaching by a professional as needed.  Second edition relaunch, is priced at  $45.00.

You will find this book and other spa tools helpful without the cost of travel, and utilizing YOUR own business model to apply them.

Take a quick “test” to see if you are prepared to apply persistence to your success.  (yes or no)

  • You’ve defined your specific purpose and current needs.
  • Your desire for a business model or success is now more of a obsession.  Your ready to pursue the intense object of your business success desires.
  • You are confident in your self reliance and ability to carry out your business success plans.
  • You’ve organized your plans and accumulated the tools to help you carry them out.
  • You have solid information resources, instead of guessing.
  • You are able to harmoniously collaborate with others and apply your business success tools.
  • Your will power is strong
  • You’ve created a persistence of positive “habits” into your daily practices.
Depending on how indifferent you are to the above questions, or how enthusiatiscally you’re able to apply them, will give you an idea of what tools to pursue. You can buy all kinds of information, but you have to be ready to apply it.

Pick up “Spa Career Success”: what makes your spa so speical for assistance. You’ll find links to more reference book for the spa industry here.

  • “The Spa Encyclopedia”
  • “International Standards of Spa Excellence”
  • “Spa and Salon Alchemy”
  • “Spa: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy”
  • “Fab Job: Guide to Becoming a Spa Owner”

For these and other books, you’ll find them on one of our industry associates sites here.  Best to you in your spa, health and wellness ventures.

A good book can make a world of difference!




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