Celebrity Spa Lounge Sundance – Getting Involved

14 02 2009

According to the Chinese  lunar calendar, 2009 is the year of the ox. Leading those of us, myself included, who fall under the symbol of the ox, to believe this is the year to acheiving tremendous success with hard work  and creativity.

Though such an auspicious year doesn’t need to be announced for people to be successful, I’m looking forward to being an ox. I’ve started out the year with some great events, including a spa event at Sundance 2009. With so many celebritites, spas and pampering are going to be a part of the Sundance life. There were a few great spa lounges and industry leaders at the venue, such as World Spa Lounge and Green Spa House, that were getways for the elite and their ‘people’. These are private invite only locations, where VIP lists and your favoriate celebrities can go for down time. The flow was great and without the pretentious feel you may get other locations. The mountain city for the festival and the casual attitude were a perfect fit for spa-ing.


 Some of the private houses and lounges have A list celebrities every year, like ours. We offered free gift certificates, treatments, and products to our guests from our sponsors.  

chanchiAdditional products like CHAN CHI, yoga for your face were highlighted at Sundance venues and interviews.  Others included Jamu, Sawan, swag bags from Sephora and luxurious spa treatments.


Other local spas in the area or catering to the elite in some way, included Green Valley Spa, Amatsu, Aura Spa, Vie, and Stein Erickson. All favorites to check out next time you’re visiting Park City.

celebrity2If you weren’t able to be a part of this year, it’s time to start thinking about next year’s involvement. Sponsorships are phenomenol with opportunity for direct presentation to celebrities in spa treatment areas and gifting lounges.


Lux Spa Lounge 2010 will be hosted by Lotus Effects, and right in the hub celebrity31on Main Street with some of the biggest celebrities and gifting lounges. Start planning to put this into your marketing mix now, and calculate the ROI on getting your product, destination or treatment into the hands of celebrities. Photo opp’s, treatment presentation, media firm and PR director will aid you in getting even more exposure for Sundance 2010  and carrying on the post event PR.

Now is the time to get the best return on marketing. No more worry about pitching to Oprah, and spending thousands on the possibility of exposure with radio or TV. You bypass celebrity agents and have PR to use forever. This is marketing at the next level. The Sundance Film Festival, in it’s 25th year, is one of the biggest celebrity attractors each year. Oh yeah and you can see some great films before anyone else, talk with directors and network like crazy. Ready to be an ox in 2009?

I’ve spoken with lots of people who are concerned about the economy in the spa industry. Investors and banks are holding back, and some projects are on hold. With the economy shifting, the pressure is on to increase profit margins, not just sales. That includes money that will bring in the most return for your message, scaling back  in areas that don’t bring a return, and thinking BIG! The differentiator is the creativity, the edge and making (and tracking) the right sale.

If you’d like to contact us about 2010 marketing packages , from $1,500 – $8,500, and your space at LUX SPA LOUNGE 2010 I’d be happy to create the perfect mix for you spa, resort, body/face product or related product launches for the celebrity spa lounge. Send an email to contact@thelotuseffects.com

We will have boutique spas from Spain highlighed along with new product launches, at LUX SPA LOUNGE.

Our message is a world conscious driven lifestyle that brings wellness and spas to everyone.  Check out the above mentioned products and enjoy them along with people like Jessica Alba, Julianne Moore, Anne Heche, and Ashley Judd.

It’s time for conscientious efforts in 2009. Ox and all. Make the effort and you will see the return.  You can still stay true to your message and we can help you do that.