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27 09 2008

Fellow blogger, Shannon Nelson, of ‘A Girls Gotta Spa’, was recently named one of the 101 women bloggers to watch this fall by WE magazine. It’s a beautiful thing when something you nurture and work to grow, receives recognition. Shannon has worked her way through the blog o sphere with some great PR strategies including last month’s, 30 day long sweepstakes giveaway, of which we were happy to be part of.  Sponsors and top brand names provided giveaway’s totaling almost $5,000, including Lotus Effects and Spa Uno’s five day Costa Rican spa getaway. I’ve be meaning to post about this for week’s, but of course have been blogging, writing and constructing different articles and tele seminars that have pulled me away. Or at least that’s my excuse.

If you weren’t part of ‘A Girl’s Gotta Spa’ sweepstakes, it would benefit you to keep a watch out for more events and giveaways on Shannon’s blog. She frequents beauty, fashion and wellness events and has plenty to say about it.  She also speaks on blogging, social media and PR, something I’m going to take advantage of for my own PR campaign. Check her out October 3-6 at Milwaukee Fashion Week!

Utilize your own social media to increase client touchpoints, promote sales, therapists, gimmicks, and prosper in our economic roller coaster in your spa, salon or resort. In the mean time check out a few things I’ve been working on to help the industry;

  • Master Class Tele seminars; Overcoming Roadblocks to Increase Sales Power sponsored by Today’s Therapist;Join me October 8th at 8:00 p.m. UK time
  • Cruise for P.I.I.N.K.-Charity Wellness Cruise for breast cancer awareness. 5 days of wellness seminars, relaxation, Caribbean ports, gift bags, auctions, and socializing; Join me October 13 -18 on the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas
  • Watch for my upcoming article on balance with complementary and alternative therapies in Spa Opportunities Magazine October 2008
  • Watch for my upcoming article on spa business supply chains and success in Spa Plus + Magazine November 2008
  • Watch for my upcoming tele seminar on finding profit and capital campaigns in Spa Journey’s December 2008

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“Wellness is in your water”

2 09 2008

My friends had been talking about this Alkaline Ionized water for the past few months, and my husband and I finally decided to give it a go for a month to see the effects for ourselves.  Our friends have been giving us the water for free so it would be living proof that the water did what it said it did.  Then, I wanted to do a review on this blog, since topics surround health, and to let the public know about this water.

So, my initial research on the water and my own personal experience of this water was incredible.  The water is called “Kangen Water”, and just “tasting” the water was different from any other bottled water or tap water I have ever tasted, and this also includes filtered water out there as well.  The water tastes pure, and devoid of any chlorine or Lye, as is found in our lovely local water. 

So, to start with, My husband and I attended a demonstration to see the effects of this water against other waters on the market, and wow, it was amazing to see what we were actually drinking.  The demos were completed using chlorine testers, ph testers that were bought at local pool stores, and what a difference!  Kangen water uses a PH Chart of Alkaline and Acidity, and according to PH charts our PH level should be more on the alkaline side then acidic, and most of our bodies are on the acidic due to our environment and foods we eat on a daily basis.  This unit seperates the acidity in your tap water from alkaline, and you get the alkaline for drinking instead of the acid.  The alkaline reaches deeper cellular levels according to my research, thus flooding your body with pure and healing water. 

Now, this PH chart has colors on it, from yellow to deep purplish-blue, and Kangen alkaline water tests on the deep purplish-blue, while acidic water tests on the more acidic side, yellow, yuck, do we really know what we are drinking?  Our local Tap water tested neutral (green), however, the reason for this is the city has to add so much Chlorine to make the PH levels test out appropriately.  Sooo, when the tap water was tested for Chlorine levels, it was off the charts, along with lye levels, this is what we drink from the tap around my area.  Now, for bottled water, every single water that they tested was acidic, so again, maybe we should be performing these ph and chlorine tests at home right?  Putting more acid in our bodies is certainly not the answer or healthy for that matter. 

To explain this unit further–Kangen water is a water treatment system that attaches to your faucet, and has different levels (for drinking, for cleaning, for taking medication), and you adjust the level on the unit to what you need for use.  This unit also talks, well at least the top end unit talks, however if you cannot afford that unit, then the smaller unit does the same job for less money, just no talking, and this is the junior unit.  The unit lasts 15-20 years and comes with a 5-year warranty.  Kangen also comes in commercial size use, for businesses and restaurants, wouldn’t it be nice to know that we are receiving the best in water?  Every business should have one of these units, in my personal opinion:)  Especially after my testing for the past 1 1/2 months.  You can only pick it up from a distributor, so check in your area. 

The effects of the water have been incredible.  The health benefits of Kangen water show that it works in clearing toxicity, weight-loss, acid reflux, digestive issues, candida problems, helps diseases such as cancers and diabetes, etcetc.  This is all on their site at enagic.com.  A medical doctor invented the unit in Japan, and brought it to the USA in 2003 according to the reports on-line.   I have had excellent results in clearing my digestive system and toxins in my body, have lost further weight on this water, and it has cleared my skin and improved my mood as well as PMS symptons. 

Now, that is me, everyone is different, so take this review into account and see for yourself.  I am passing the word along because it is beneficial, and a good independant rep will let you try this for free so you can see for yourself.  I plan on buying a unit soon myself.  It is definitely worth it. 

Hope this helps someone!  My husband is having good effects as well.  Going back to bottled water is not an option now. 

Also, reminder to join us on our Breast Cancer Awareness Cruise and event of the year, setting sail October 13th-18th!  Check out www.spacollegeinternational.com to register or contact Liz at liz@thelotuseffects.com for any questions.  We would love to see you in attendance and time is winding down.