Organic Beauty At Home..Creating your Own “Spa” Feel

25 08 2008


Create that ‘spa’ feeling in your home, block out the outside “noise” just for a while & have time just for you…  I wanted to include some information and sites to peruse through that have natural organic based products that are chemical free, AND great for your skin and home!


TIME FOR A BATHROOM OVER-HAULCreate that spa atmosphere by going “green”

  • Clean up that bathroom first. You need a peaceful place, and that means clean and green as a great alternative cleaner. Use a cleaner devoid of toxins, such as  (no synthetic ingredients, no petroleum-derived ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, biodegradable)
  • Fluffy spa towels add to a spa feeling, and you can get great deals at “Linens and Things” or Bed, Bath and Beyond”, and for those on tighter budgets, “Target”, “Costco”, “Sams Club” or Walmart” offer significant savings.
  • Non-Toxic Clean-Burning Candles (to give a relaxation serene environment) –put these around your tub (if there is room, keeping safety in mind!).  You can find these type of candles at sites such as  (Soot-free, natural materials from American Farms, burns clean)
  • Bubbles, LOTS of bubbles, again, there are great alternatives with no chemicals, such as making your own at home! Try this website at  There are many methods of home recipes for everything from skin to hair to facial and more. 
  • Mud Mask for your face, Hair Masque for conditioning, and a Body Scrub for your skin.  I found this organic website that is fabulous, located at or  The products are completely natural.  If this is above your budget, try somewhere like “Bath and Bodyworks” in the mall, OR go to another site on-line to peruse other websites that are eco-friendly.  This is located at  The other site at also has great recipes for home recipes. 
  • Slap on the masques, light the candles, turn on the music, put a fluffy towel beside your bath, and lay back with your favorite book, and RELAX! If you have a jacuzzi tub, then perfect, if not, then one can buy a makeshift one that can be plugged in the wall and lowered in your bath for the same effect of swirling water around you. 

Here are some recipes I found at the, for more, go to their website and look around:

Relaxing Foot Soak:

Big Bucket Hot Water, 1/4 Cup Rosemary Leaves, 1/4 Cup Desired Bath Salt

**pour in the Rosemary Leaves and Bath Salt to the hot water, and enjoy

Arthritus Relief Bath Oil Recipe

2 ounces of carrier oil of your choice (sweet almond, grapeseed, olive, etc.)
5 drops White Birch essential oil
5 drops Ginger essential oil
5 drops Juniper essential oil
5 drops Marjoram essential oil
5 drops Rosemary essential oil
liquid food coloring (optional)

Blend the oils together and store in an amber or cobalt glass bottle. After you have drawn your bathwater, add about 1/4 ounce (7-8ml) of the bath oil blend to your bath water.  ***Notes: Do not use all 2 ounces of bath oil in one bath.

Apricot Lanolin Cuticle Cream (nails)

1/2 teaspoon Apricot Kernel Oil
2 teaspoon Lanolin
1 drop Essential Oil (your choice)

***Melt oils together, add essential oil, pour into jar and let set.

Avocado Deep Conditioner (Hair)

1 small jar of mayonnaise (preferably organic)
1/2 avocado

Peel avocado and remove pit. Mix all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl with your hands until it’s a consistent green color. Smooth into hair being careful to work it to the ends. Use shower cap or plastic wrap to seal body heat in. **Leave on hair for 20 minutes. For deeper conditioning wrap a hot, damp towel around your head over the plastic, or use a hair dryer set to a low to medium heat setting.

Healing Lemon Green Tea Bath Tea Recipe

1/4 cup Green Tea
1/4 cup Calendula Petals
1/8 cup Mint
1 TBS Olive Oil
1/2 tsp JoJoba Oil
1/4 cup Ground Almonds
3-5 drops Lemongrass Es. oil or grated peel of 1 lemon

Mix together and package. This should be enough for 2-3 bathes.
Packaging ideas = Package loose in jars or tin-tie bags and include a reusable muslin bag or two.

**The method of using herbal teas is to simmer the herbs for 5 minutes, steep them for 10 minutes, and then pour the mixture directly into the tub through a strainer. This method is very satisfactory. The “tea” is stronger and does a better job, plus the fact the fragrance created by simmering the tea is a beautiful bonus.

***Recipes above were taken from Interesting ideas and home remedies at your disposal. 


A reminder for Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up in October!  Go to and click on “wellness cruise” to register for the cruise event of the year!  October 13-19th sets sail, join us in celebration of this phenominal event and cause.  Sponsorship forms also available.  Feel free to also call me at 888-223-0633 x102 or email at for any questions on the cruise, upcoming events, as well as questions on the spa industry.  We are happy to be of assistance whatever your needs are! 



New business and no budget? Quitting not an option.

19 08 2008

There is this saying that failing forward is what most people have to go through when they first start out.  For, if one never fails, one never progresses.   

I can tell you that I have been through more jobs and industries than I care to admit, and have failed countless times.  However, quitting never was an option, and I just continue to get back up and keep going until I get it right.   


I have listed some different marketing techniques that I hope will help others new to an industry, or those struggling in their current industries:  


1.  New in the industry? Find a mentor in your industry that will allow you to work under them and under their label as an independent contractor, intern, or a paid employee.   


This will give you experience and knowledge that you will need to continue to progress.   Work out an agreement in writing acknowledging your role and your mentor’s role in the business.  Your mentor can give you invaluable input and experience until you are ready for the next level.  


How do you find such a mentor? Go to different websites, and put in a request to speak to the owner about opportunities and offer something of value that your mentor would need, such as a Public Relations assistant (submitting press releases, promoting events, etc).   


Another way is by going into a facility and speaking to the owner directly about interning a few hours a week for free, then when you have a relationship in place, go up a few levels and request a paying position, or independent contractor position. Once the owner trusts you, chances are good that you will move up.   


2.  Whether you are a newbie or seasoned worker, Network Marketing is a great way to find referrals for your business.  Networking can put you in touch with that “right” person, OR put you in touch with a person who can introduce you to that “right” person.  These groups offer great chances to increase your listening skills, market your product or service, speaking in public and socializing techniques.  


Some excellent example groups to try in my area (Oregon): (if not in your area, cruise the internet for ones that ARE in your area)

-The Breakfast Clu

-Toastmasters—Wallmasters (


-Toastmasters (   


There are women groups and men groups that also offer unique opportunities over the internet and on-line, without having to meet in person.  Just start googling for groups on the web.  There are tons out there.  



3.  Setting up a website.  Most everyone is computer savvy, or at least on the computer in some way, and like to see a website in place.  Question is, how do you do this on a budget 


a.  Working under your mentor’s website, this would be one way of saving some dollars.  (or a company where you are working as a contractor, but still under the company umbrella)

b.  Setting up a FREE website, yes these really do exist, but they are limited in what you can do with them.  However, it is a start, and at least you have information on a site where potential clientele can view.  Go to for one of the free websites, no purchase necessary. 

c. has a low $$ amount for monthly fee, believe it is $8.96 a month for three months, then after that $11.95 monthly. This service boasts free domain name, unlimited disk space and data transfer, 24-hour customer service and secure hosting.  Not bad for what you get, and affordable. 

d.  If one has friends in the web design industry, have them take your project on for a discounted rate.  (or complimentary)  You can always offer to advertise their name on your site in order to do a “trade” deal and not have to pay-out funds. 

e.  Taking the idea above, do a trade deal for a web designer, offering the same thing, free advertising. 



4.  Press Releases! Easy and free and I have a list of over 72 sites that do not cost a penny.  Press Releases catch the interest all over the world.  The only catch is that you have to have material that is “newsworthy” and the best thing to do that I have been taught, is tag on to current news and offer something of interest.   


Piece of advice—Do not market your service/product blatantly, or the press release will be rejected (as mine have been countless times in the past when writing them myself).   Tagging onto a newsworthy event, and offering something of value (like the breast cancer awareness cruise event that is happening in October, will most always work.  Also, make sure you put your business by-line at the bottom and limit advertising in the body of the press release.   


Google “press releases” and you can get a basic format printed out to go by.  I always (site permitting) list the business contact information at the top of the release so people can see our name right off the bat.   


5.  Blogging, Ezines and Forums…catch people’s attention by just writing from your heart.  As I have learned, do not advertise blatantly in either blogs or forums.  Keep it real, from the heart, as people are not looking for perfection, but for help.  Make your articles something people can use.  I tend to be a more technical writer, but it is an asset to be creative and fun as well as serious on these sites.   


For Forums, keep it light and feel free to also help others by answering questions, however, again keep your advertisements out of the forums, unless you are in an area that allows for this.  Make sure to read the rules on sites you visit.  I have violated more than one in my learning curve.  Forums are meant to give and receive advice, read up on upcoming events, news, and just another way of networking.  They are free and fun.   


Blogs are an awesome way to write articles that interest you and give your input to others.  Blogs to me can also be a sort of “daily” diary or journal on your life.  You can keep it fun or you can have a serious topic, it is completely up to you.  Just be yourself.   


Ezines, just a news publication via email.  Check out Lotus Effects site where there are ezines posted ( if you need know how on what they are all about.  Ezines are business publications that are just emailed instead of mailed to people that are already on your warm market. Usually you send these out once a month for what is going on in your company, upcoming events, tips and ideas, as well as putting ideas in that others email you.  For instance, if you have an article idea, you can email Liz at with the article and she will get back to you on publishing in her next ezine.  This is an excellent free way of getting your name out their to another person’s contacts.  


6.  Writing an E-Book and then offering it for free on your website, is just another free method of advertisement.  E-Books can run from $20-$30, depending on what you feel the cost should be.   Offering a complimentary E-Book that is downloadable and costs you nothing to produce except your time, is another excellent source of gaining respect and clientele.   You can put this offer out in the mail as well as drop it by businesses, and also offer it on your website and promote through emailing, etc. 



7.  Social sites, such as LinkedIn and are just a few more sites that are free and one can start doing marketing through meeting others on these sites.  I personally do not use, but have associates that have much success with this site.  However, they do not cost you money, and you have everything to gain by trying them out.  There are many more out there, just Google for social sites, and more should pop up.  


There are so many more methods and ways out there, such as pod casting, UTube (if you have the capability), message boards, ad swapping, affiliate programs, email discussion groups, free classified listings and the regular method, plain hard work where you pick up the phone to call a warm market.  Gathering business cards from offices and placing calls later can get you past the gatekeeper to the manager or owner.  This is the old fashioned method that costs gas, but nothing else except your time.  Being able to get past the no’s and keep going is going to be a valuable trait in your new businesses.   


Hope this helps someone out there!  I know I struggle still, as I am newer in the industry, but baby steps will take you closer each time, and with each failure, the chances of success are that much closer.   Never ever give up on your dream, for the times when you are struggling the most, and feel like falling down, if you hang tough, your blessing will come.


I am going to emphasize this event again, because Breast Cancer is such a huge deal, we all should celebrate October.  Please go to to sign-up for the October cruise sailing away the 13th, OR if you cannot make it, join us in being a sponsor for the event of the year.  We appreciate efforts made, and cannot wait to see you there!

Why are we so sick? Healing naturally….a new way of life.

11 08 2008

Why are we so sick? Healing naturally….a new way of life.  


Because holistic healing has become a passion of mine, I was pondering why the majority of Americans are so sick in health, body and yes, even spirit today. With all the alternative methods of healing out there, why are we not utilizing them more effectively?


Diseases are on the rise, and as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness in October, the topic of healing naturally came to my mind as some suggestions to live a healthier lifestyle.  Also, as a side note for Breast Cancer Awareness, please support the event cruise of the year by visiting Your sponsorship and/or attendance is highly appreciated and valued. 


One answer to change is to get back to the basics by healing from the inside out. I have compiled a list of suggestions and items one can research to determine what combination best suits them.  If one has pain, depression, weight issues, disease, or just in need of a boost of life, a lifestyle change CAN help and in some cases, reverse what is going on, and slow down the aging process as well, so I urge everyone to do their research and try the suggestions below:


  1. Healing Spa Resorts are going green and being sensitive to the environment and the community.  Healing spas are set-up to relax, renew and refresh your body, mind and spirit.  You can go to these resorts just to get away from your busy lifestyle, and with the resorts on the rise, there are plenty to choose from.   

I would look for a spa setting that is peaceful, clean, serene, and has every treatment one is looking for, as well as qualified staff.  Personally, when I go to a spa resort, I always look for comfort, how the staff treats me when I walk in the door, how the space is set-up, and generally my gut feelings upon entering.  If I don’t feel right, then I leave. 


There are many healing spas in other countries that also offer a broad base of services and have package deals that are affordable.  If finances are concerning, then look for a day spa in your area, and ask for specials going on, or just buy the packages you can afford, such as 4 hours for $99 (one of the specials that was running for a full beauty and massage treatment in my area).  Look for deals that suit your needs.


  1. Organic Products & Food are being utilized more than ever now, starting with shopping at your local farmers market seasonally, and going to an organic store, such as Whole Foods, New Seasons, or whatever alternative store is in your area. Looking for foods that have sea salt instead of refined salt, or cane juice instead of sugar is just a couple of items that you can effectively change in your diet, easy, more tasteful as well.  

Ask lots of questions when you go to these alternative stores, such as what can replace dairy? One solution is turning to goat milk, cheeses, goat yogurt, etc.  Goat cheese is extremely tasty and I have completely switched over myself from cow products. Using soy milk or rice milk to replace regular milk, even in cooking is another substitution one can make.  Using eggs that have omega3 and are cage-free would be a healthy substitution for regular eggs that are not organic. 


Using products that are fragrance free is worth exploring, or if you like the good smelling lotions, shampoos, look for natural ingredients that have a pleasant smell like grape seed extract (smells like grapefruit).  Basically, if I cannot pronounce OR understand the ingredient list, then I don’t buy it anymore.  The ingredient list should not be long either, the shorter the list, the better it is for you, at least in my research.  Your skin also soaks up anything you put on it, like lotions, so keep this in mind, when you are buying products, especially with chemicals in them. 


Bottom line, change doesn’t have to be painful, just baby steps, making simple substitutions, and one will find a whole new healthy world out there. 


  1. Raw Food Industry is a different way of living than even organic.  Going “Raw” entails LOTS of research, buying a dehydrator or finding a store that carries “raw” products.  Raw food is just what it states, eating raw, not cooking the food, but using a dehydrator, making sure your food never goes over a certain temperature.  I am not an expert in this area, but I did try it for a while, however it didn’t quite work for me as I like meats (fish and buffalo primarily) and I like my food warm for the most part. 


However, there is a whole lot of health information one can find and incorporate into their lifestyle by eating raw veggies, and fruit.  This doesn’t require a dehydrator, and I love raw veggies and loads of fruit. 


So, again, incorporating different methods into your routine, even small ones, goes a long way.  I have lost 50 lbs in 4 months just by eating fruits, veggies (mainly raw), no processed foods, including no sugar. Eating fish, buffalo meat, goat cheeses, nuts (almonds, walnuts mainly), and pretty much nothing synthetic or chemical based.  I feel great, the food is wonderful, and my skin is looking good.  This was the easiest “diet” I have ever tried, and sticking to eating “clean” the rest of my life.  


  1. Detox Methods are a buzz word in society today.  I would highly recommend a natural healing doctor that will detail a detox schedule that works for your body.  For me, I went through a lot of books, on-line products, before I found what worked.  There are so many things I could say on this subject, but not enough room to write it on this blog.  However, talk to a natural doctor for cleansing from heavy metals, parasites, chemicals and food, as well as colonic treatments. There is another form of detoxing called hydrotherapy, which is very effective in some cases as well.  Any detoxing should be tailored to what you “need” rather than what is the trendy thing to do. 


  1. Some other known areas of healing to consider and research, and they can defy our human mind, but Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, NAET treatments for allergies, Herbal Healing (dealing with supplements in the body), Energy Healing, Kinesiology, exercise such as Pilates, swimming, walking.  Laughter and affection plays a part for healing your whole self, so find something that brings this out in your daily life.  

 Drinking plenty of filtered water throughout the day to stay hydrated would be one of my top areas of healing your body.  Check out alkaline water units that balance out the alkalinity in your body. There is much to be said about this hot topic of too much acidity in your body that can lead to disease, as reports state.  Healing by finding time for yourself would be a top priority as well, lock yourself away from any stressful areas of your life for a moment and come out renewed. 


Create a spa like feel in your bathroom, take a bubble bath, immerse with a book, put candles around the tub, soft music in the background, and make it about you.  This will take the edge off stress for those who like baths. 


The above is my “condensed” favorite list above for anyone needing to find a different way to live.  My best advice—have fun while making that lifestyle change, it is not painful, but joyful in discovering different ways of healing and great foods to eat that come from nature itself. 

PS–Think P.I.I.N.K and join us in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness in October. Go to for information & upcoming events.

4 08 2008
I couldn’t resist posting one more short video of our sponsors and social event from July. I’ve been remiss on letting you all know about this great event since I’ve been out of the country. This is a reminder not to miss our next one August 20th, Get involved by being a sponsor. 801 419 0858

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4 08 2008
Check out our July summer social and silent auction highlights, and don’t forget to join us this month. August 20th 6:30 p.m. at Brookside Broiler. Call for details 801 419 0858.

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Who’s on Board for the Cruise of the Year? Find Out How to Get YOUR Spot.

4 08 2008

I tend to get myself into trouble when managing several passion projects at once. This year has been a series of wellness events and socials supporting two great causes, breast cancer awareness and carbon free events. This is all leading up to a big cruise on board the Enchantment of the Seas, called ‘Cruise for P.I.I.N.K.’ setting sail October 13-18. This is truly the cruise of the year as we bring together experience, education and bonding for the professional and the consumer.

Because this is something I enjoy sharing with people and understand that there are many more out there who also share my caring and passion for this, I’ve expanding this to be an annual event. In part this has been a social experiment in networking and relationship building. Truth being, I’m not shy in calling up total strangers to tell them what I’m doing and get them involved, and it has been amazing the people across the country I’ve connected with who have donated their time, sponsorship and expertise for this wellness charity project. We have the support of leaders such as the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Spa Magazine, Jamu Spa Rituals, and speakers at top levels. Speakers include, Lori Giovannoni, breast cancer survivor, and other leaders such as Felicia Brown, Nancy Reagan, Angela Martindale, Anthony Carroccio, and myself Liz Galloway.

In addition to the excitement and anticipation of the cruise, we have enjoyed local events that have included silent auctions, and local products and services for sale. We are always generous in providing food and drink on the house to keep em’ coming, as they say. Always hosted by a different local business we enjoyed July’s event at Transform and are looking forward to August 20th for an evening on the veranda at Brookside Broiler. Want to join this months event? Get involved by calling the organizer for attendance, sponsorship or marketing at 801 419 0858. Check out out highlights from last month in the videos above. You you can be assured your in for a great event again. You will hear a presentation by a nationally renowned speaker and breast cancer survivor, Lori Giovannoni at 7:00 p.m., along with live music and a preview of our adult beverages and Brooksides summer menu.

A big thank you to July sponsors once again who helped make this possible;

We also put out a heartfelt thank you to the community, who donated $2000 worth of product and services to our silent auction. We raised hundreds of dollars for the local breast cancer chapter, Salt Lake City. Thanks to the efforts of;

I encourage each of you to get involved, patron our great sponsors and join our October cruise for only $474 per person. Register at 801 225 7600. See you August 20th for our next social with;

  • Laurie Gionavanni
  • Deborah Hart Originals
  • Brookside Broiler
  • Lotus Effects
  • Morris Murdock
  • Transform Studio
  • More….

Deborah Hart will also be creating a one of a kind P.I.I.N.K. jewelry piece for auction on the cruise with many other items! There is still limited space for a few more sponsors and auction items, please contact me to get involved and get marketing. 801 419 0858.