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16 07 2008

The LOHAS, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability,exhibitors recently presented to a sold out forum in Colorado. People were contacting us to find any extra passes or connections, so they could to be part of the eco friendly soiree. The popularity of the sustainable industry is no surprise when everything from eco-celebs to eco-fashion are the buzz words in the news. Green spas and natural spas are also on the rise. With this comes the responsibility of the consumer to have knowledge of which ones really are focused on green sustainability and natural products, not just using it as a trendy hype word for attention. This can require a lot of research, so its key to look for companies that are also willing to provide you with information support and be straight forward in disclosing their product ingredients. After all we only want to make an informed decision right?

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the recent LOHAS forum and rub shoulders with eco types like Tom Szasky of Terracycle. We are all stakeholders in sustainable products and natural health as we shop, breathe and eat everyday. That’s why I continually look for products that fit with my mission of sustainable global wellness, as I’m sure many of you do. I enjoy looking for products and being educated about them. I am adamant about helping my clients and students understand the importance of being educated also. This is one of the keys to progression, so we are going to do a quick exercise in how to showcase your own specialty skills to clients. Sa-wan’s natural oils and herbal balls are a great place to start, and since there has been an influx of questions on how and why to use them, let’s start our lesson there. Tools for the therapist.

Main Herbal Ball/Compress Ingredients;

Lemongrass – Takrai in Thai, the ‘Refresher’ from widly grown plants.

Prai – Prai/Plai in Thai, the ‘Healer’ a purifying root.

Tumeric – Ka min in Thai, the ‘Therapeutic Ginger’ anti fungal rhizome root

Kaffir Lime – Bai Makroot in Thai, the ‘Preventer’ from astringent plant leaves.

Camphor – in Thai, the ‘Stimulator’ an Eastern tree derivative

That’s the short list for pure therapeutic herbs that can have a striking effect on your clients healing. You can help educate your clients on how to heal their body naturally with your expertise of course, and without harming the earth. The logistics of the therapeutics are simple, yet compound rapidly when in the right form, and assisted with an expert’s advice. You can create a powerful healing element with thermal heat, moist heat and pure herbal ingredients. To do that, you can compress a well moistened herbal ball, against the affected area of need. For example do you suffer from cramps, do you have congestion, bruises, painful joints, muscles, or rash affected areas? An herbal ball is the perfect tool that molds and fits to the body to provide a heated, perfectly steeped herbal effect on the skin to elicit a purifying result. Clients can even continue this on their own by having a caring therapist that provides them with a cheat sheet of sorts, on how to use them in baths, for self massage and more.Be creative, you’ve got the skills to do so.

The Treatment;

2-5 minutes soaking the herbal ball

7-15 minutes steaming the herbal ball

Right mechanical steamer with vapor needed

Ready for application on skin or on clothing/sheet

Rhythmic pressing and massaging for total relief

Added natural oils to enhance the aroma, therapeutic effects and massage

As a therapist we can understand what a purifying result and relief means, along with the blissful feeling of loosened, warm muscles upon completion of an herbal ball treatment. Some of our clients may need a little more enticing to get relaxed on the table the first time, but I’ve not meet a client or student yet, after this type of treatment, who has not been converted to a faithful believer. There is a reason its been used in Thailand for hundreds of years.

Now let’s take a look at showcasing your new herbal skills and how to communicate it to your clients. Clients are only human, and usually they become our friends. That means they want what everyone wants. It’s all about them! Client communication, is essentially your sales funnel, use it appropriately. To get the results you want this require a few main things to make it work. Here’s a list to start, which I encourage you to add to.

Client Needs;

Compassion – Establish and maintain a favorable image in the minds of your client by actively addressing their needs and monitoring responses of what works and what doesn’t. Listen.

Ability to use client information effectively– Make quality and timely decisions when it comes to your clients ongoing needs. Adjusting accordingly.

Coordinated logistics – Deciding on your treatment value and type, building the dynamic organization to make it happen, and mobilizing your treatment.

Customization (when appropriate) – Innovation in products and services makes you more attractive. Be willing to be flexible with the needs of a specific client and make notes to customize that treatment upon their return.

Management – Excellence in product and service, including continuity, education and reliability.Have a system that you can measure.

Them – Just as you would like to self promote and gush about your skills, make sure your clients time is really their time, not yours.

The bottom line is we have the opportunity to offer balanced, natural therapies to our clientèle. And once you are educated and an advocate of what works, its not that difficult to communicate the same to our clients. Clients come to us for solutions regarding elements that affect them, whether emotional or physical. Take a look at a few top health concerns below and categorize how many of your clients are affected by them, and what that means for growing your business.

Indicators of Health Concerns;




Emotional issues

Too many toxins


Bad circulation

High blood pressure

Bad skin

Digestion problems

Chances are many of your clients are affected by one or more of the above, and that is only a superficial list. All of these can be reduced and improved by herbal recipes and attention to the body. Take a look at growing your spa naturally and help your clients enjoy a vibrant life.

Complementary Natural Oils;

Sa-wan Thai Spice – Spicy scent and camphor qualities

Sa-wan Thai Heaven – Fresh scent and lemongrass elements

Sa-wan Unscented – No scent for sensitive therapists and clients

Sa-wan has been dedicated to providing its stakeholders, you, with the best education on treatments, access to that education, and taken measures to provide informative customer support.

If you’d like more information on the business of spa treatments, take the opportunity to download our free E Book on spa treatment business and wellness at or register for one of our Herbal Ball Fusion classes in your area for traditional Thai therapeutic training.Sa-wan has rep’s on both the East and West coasts for your convenience. This is an exclusive invitation to join us. Enjoy,and until next time, successful careers and health.

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