Puffery and the Madness of Crowds – Six Lessons in PR

13 06 2008


I’m giving a bit more attention to our publicity topics and how to create attention getting offers this month because of our upcoming webinar, June 23rd @ 4:00 p.m. PST, “A Crash Course in PR” with Jill Lublin, a top PR strategist and best selling author who’s sold over 1 million copies of Guerrilla Publicity in several languages! We have her for an exclusive interview for a whole 60 minutes of step by step ‘how to’s’ in PR. Yes, I’ve used some bright colors in this post to ensure you don’t miss the facts. This tactic can be thought of as primary in some circles, however, in our attention deficit-time deprived society, I’ve got about 10 seconds to give you the facts. Register by this weekend at get VIP access to the webinar – that’s $20 off the regular price, extra tips from Jill Lublin, and you’re automatically entered into our drawing for a free October wellness cruise! Register now @ The Lotus Effects.

This webinar is fashioned to reach into the hearts of all entrepreneurs, not just those in the spa and wellness industry. I was so excited to speak with Jill at a recent conference, since I am a fan of her books, that I couldn’t resist setting up a webinar so I could share her insights with all of you. Ensure you get a spot, register now.


Understandably there are infinite posts on line referencing publicity, PR agencies, and all sorts of media experts. Glen Kelman of Redfin is someone who understands the value and uniqueness of entrepreneur-itis! He recently spoke on Guy Kawasaki’s blog about the brave new world of DIYP, do it yourself publicity. It’s so refreshing to hear this referenced as something not filed under insanity. So many small business’ don’t have the people power or the financial power to pay out thousands per month for a media agent or traditional PR agency. This is especially true in start up’s when there is no guarantee you’ll be the next hot and sexy product or service in the media. Sometimes the only person left to create media relationships and forge contacts is YOU, the start up CEO. The CEO who also has to be the receptionist, client manager, sales person, accountant, and of course, publicist.

1. Most media professionals are more cautious than you. Entrepreneur’s and business owner’s are inately more tough skinned when it comes to risk taking than radio and TV producers, for example. If you don’t know your stuff, your story and aren’t highly professional, you’re going to make more than yourself look bad.

2. If you’re not a pro, get training to make yourself look like one. If you can be an entertaining, well received guest, you’ll get more media bookings. Sometime that takes a lot of practice with a media coach or patient an un biased friends and family, with lots of video for review. Ever heard the term, money attracts money? Media is similar. Once you’ve achieved a certain level of media status, Big Idea, Oprah, Today’s Show, etc., you attract more media.

3. Don’t be disingenuous. If you can’t deliver what you promise, don’t promise it. False motive is harder to forgive in the media and the public for that matter if it is perceived to have come from someone disingenuous. People relate to “real” experiences and “real” people. Remember the brow beating of the author of “A Million Little Pieces” on Oprah, after it was revealed he made up portions of a non fiction book represented as real. The publicity he received after that is not what you’re looking for.

4. Mental activity = Ideas. When Glenn Kelman said ideas are a precious thing, he wasn’t kidding. Here’s what he said about creating your own. “Imagine how you would finish this sentence if you were having two beers with your best friend: “You know the strangest thing about what we’re going through is …” What comes next is your best story idea. Even if the story isn’t about your company, you’ll be a part of the conversation. The rest will come naturally.” I don’t know about you but I’m calling some friends to have a beer, we’ll chalk it up to brainstorming

5. Create the PR mix that’s right for your personality. How do you want to get your story out? You’re PR style could be a mix of guerrilla, networking, subscriptions to media sites, and managing your PR agent. Sometimes you will run through several PR options and test what drives the most response. Media is great to have, but its also great to have it on your terms. Terms that reflect your passion, knowledge, sense of humor, ideas etc. As the DIYP, (do it yourself press) says, if an agent doesn’t work for your personality, then don’t have one.

6. Have the tools to back up your stories. Its an additional bonus for producers and others to know that you, the guest, has additional tools that establish your credibility. This can include books, media kits, press room info/web pages, CD’s, proto types, fact sheets and many other money making tools that give you credibility and residual income. Any story you pitch should have substance and fit your audience. Its even better if you have visuals to reiterate your story, and can use any information based tools you’ve created to create a brand for yourself.

Entrepreneur’s are usually very individually minded people who are not swayed by the madness of crowds, conformity or puffery, which is why I love them. You can find out more about PR with Guy Kawasaki, Glenn Kelman, and more than our six lessons during our webinar; Learn to;

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‘A Crash Course in PR’ with Jill Lublin. See you there. June 23rd @ 4:00 p.m. MST. Your phone.


Seventh Wonder Day Spa Provides Care for Cancer Patients in Jacksonville

6 06 2008

St. Vincent’s Walk of Hope and and Indian Native Bring Hope to the “Walk”

Falli Shah, the owner of Seventh Wonder Day Spa in Jacksonville, Florida, has been described as a very giving and intuitive person. She is the one who provides relief for those patients in the “Walk of Hope” a pathway that connects the radiation oncology department with the DePaul Medical building, where the Seventh Wonder Day Spa is one of many information, and healing based “shops” that line the hall. The Day Spa, I can imagine, is one of the more anticipated locations, with its menu of ancient Eastern Therapies and energy based offers. This is a place where providers like Shah give care to patients of hysterectomies and double mastectomies. As you can imagine its a change in ambiance that requires an open invitation to those who may not otherwise seek out the comfort and stress relief they need. The “Walk” as they call it, is a comfort zone of sorts that brings talented and dedicated providers together to create an environment of understanding for cancer patients in a day spa environment.

Shah, who operates the Day Spa within the St. Vincent Cancer Center, seems to handle the clientele with expertise as she states that “The ancient Eastern therapy (Reiki) can be helpful to patients who cannot withstand a more traditional massage but need the stress-relieving benefits.” she recently said in a Florida Times Union review. Most Day Spas have the challenge of capturing their local clientele, but this location has no problem creating differentiation within the walls of the hospital, with energy therapies and a staff that cares. The vision of the St. Vincent director, Cynthia Farah, certainly contributed to this urban escape.“We wanted to provide a soothing and healing environment for our cancer patients,” said Farah. (Florida Times Review) Recognizing the connection of the mind in healing the body.

The Seventh Wonder – Shah Brings Themata to Jacksonville

Sustainability within the mind-body connection is something more prevalent in the hearts of everyday people like you and me. Don’t worry, its not only those undergoing therapy who are able to enjoy the healing hands of Falli Shah and her staff at Seventh Wonder. They have a second location as an established day spa providing the traditional massage, mani/pedi and intensive skin therapies for anti aging. Shah a native of India also brings her training in threading, a safer alternative to waxing, that removes unwanted hair with a loop of cotton thread. Threading is also a method of brow shaping growing in popularity among the spa masses. Ear coning is also provided at Seventh Wonder. This fascinating therapy may not be for everyone, but it works! Coning helps to pull our impurities from the ear canal with heat and smoke. Including ear wax, residue and other interesting elements. This one you’ll have to try for yourself.

If you’re going for what I like most which are the facials, you’re in good hands. The menu includes pulsed light rejuvenation for acne, skin texturing, and sun damage. Depending on your flavor of the day, or season, you may go for a series of microdermabrasion facials, or hyradermie to target the neck and eyes. Just in time for summer. I’ll let you do a little more exploring of the menu combinations for your own indulgence.

Though not build by the Greeks or Egyptians, this day spa is still a ‘must see’ or theamata, (wonder) as the Greeks would say. Seventh Wonder brings an international feel and an immersive setting of relaxation. A little wonder in an unexpected place. Say hello to Falli for us!

Roosevelt Blvd.

Tue – Sat 10 AM – 6 PM
Jacksonville, Florida

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Mon, Tues, Thu
10 AM – 5 PM

Crash Course in PR With Best Selling Author of Guerrilla Publicity

5 06 2008

JUNE 23RD @ 4:00 P.M. PST“Conversations with an Expert” Webinar series! YOUR INVITED. YOU can have 60 minutes with one of the best selling authors and top strategists in the industry today. Jill Lublin has authored three books with her next launching JUNE 26TH, “Get Noticed- Get Referrals”. Think of it as your personal crash course in PR, as we interview and discuss candid thoughts and tips from Jill. You will also have the opportunity to speak with Jill during our Q & A session, just like a live seminar. The value is undeniableas you will learn how to launch your own information services, products, books, business, and YOUR brand.

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