Spas of The Future – A Review of the Recent Day Spa Expo 2008

18 02 2008

dsa_basicdecal_nodate.pngSpa Owners and Innovators of the Future

So glad to be back, and back on point. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve expanding our PR team so that I can have more time to provide key topics and updates here. I’m looking forward to it, and hope you are to.

We spent three intensive days providing support and information to attendees at the Day Spa Expo in Las Vegas last week. Like many expo’s and conferences myself and my collegues use these as marketing tools and networking after our speaking sessions to stay in touch with those on the ‘front line’ of the spa and wellness industries. We spent a lot of time examining and speaking with people of many different career paths, and found some ongoing themes of concerns. Since these current and potential spas owners, are the spa innovators of our future, it’s important to pay attention to where they feel assistance is needed. Here’s a few concerns we heard;

  • Need for marketing that gets results; more than typical sales copy or expensive PR firms
  • How to differentiate; more competitive spas are on the rise and some still looking for YOUR spa marketing dollars
  • Bringing wellness and destination aspects into the day spa;creating evolution and bringing the concept of hybrid spas into the fore front
  • Financing and real numbers; real answers to the ‘I have a dream, no how do I finance it?’ review this realistically with a professional
  • Affordable support and mentors; many top success stories swear by having a mentor to show them the way, this can come in many forms, some paid, others not.

Of course, these are themes that have been around for some time and continue to permeate our industry. These concern both big and small business owners, since driving your market to take notice of your unique touch points and having the right mentors to support you are keys to sustainable success. Let’s take a look at a list of the 7 Top Success Factors I suggest as part of your daily success tasks.

  • Repeatable methodology; that makes excellence sustainable with a process
  • Getting traffic and clients; with the added ability to turn them into YOUR company’s ambassadors
  • Maximizing customer life time value;this includes building relationships, creating on going purchasing and referrals, and closing leads
  • Physical and psychological funnel;leading clients where YOU want them to go with an increased number of touch points, and persuasive selling
  • More business automation; having your business and your strategies work for you, even when your not. online commerce building and offers
  • Manage your expectations; keep your daily expectations within realistic measures, lining them up with your business plan and marketing mix
  • Repeat; repeat what works, that is the definition of sanity and success.

Implementing these correctly will have an effect on your chances for differentiation and marketing that works, that inevitably will affect your bottom line positively. Any of our associates can assist you with creating a plan for your location, and there are also plenty of resources through the Day Spa Association.

Re Defining Spa Business Networking

Luckily we didn’t just work all the time, even though it can feel like that sometimes. We took time to listen to ideas, concepts and inspiration from owners and operators during evening socials. We also had great response from the “give away’s” we provided during our sessions.. One of the most popular and talked about was the all inclusive Spa Retreat in Costa Rica drawn during my “Make Your Spa A Destination” class. Our winner, an industry product rep., was excited to receive this gift certificate worth $5,000.00 He immediately began planning his upcoming retreat. We also joined the Preston Group for many key give away’s, including $500 in cash, products, and trainings to lucky attendees. During this session we gave away a two daydsa-pr-day-spa-person-of-the-year-award-photo-katie-armitage-with-hannelore-2.png continuing education program for spa professionals called “Thai Herbal Compress Massage” worth $4,000. In addition to that many spent their evening socializing and speaking with us at the “Hearts for a Cure” charity event, where even more prizes were given away, and the spa person of the year was recognized for her efforts. We congratulate Katie Armitage for her award and work in the spa industry.

Katie is President of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), an organization launched in January 2007 that is solely devoted to skin care professional member needs. This includes offering professional liability insurance and business-building tools, along with the esthetician’s publication, Skin Deep through low-cost membership. In this role, she coordinates all day-to-day operations and leads professional liability insurance program and skin care association activities. ASCP recently topped the 6,000 member mark; before the launch it had 5,000 members under the banner of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

We look forward to creating and providing other key networking events at future Day Spa Expo’s and Spa Conferences throughout the year. This is not only to encourage more camaraderie amongst people you may have thought were your competitors, but who you can actually learn from. It is also to recognize everyday hero’s for their hard work.

Product Buzz – New and Old

During our wandering and exploration on the expo floor, we always like to view new comers, and industry innovators. Here are a few we thought you’d like to hear about.

We found a cool new product there called Chime Stone, introduced to us by it’s owner and inventor, a devoted student of meditation. Originally brought about to assist with his own meditation techniques, Mark has brought this to the spa industry to aid spa professionals and clients in transcending from that half waken state of treatment bliss,back to reality. This product, shaped similar to a massage “hot stone”, it simulates different tones of Tibetean Singing Bowls, during the awakening experience. The Canyon Ranch Club Las Vegas has already taken advantage of this competitive edge, and so can you. For more you can contact Mark Leonard at 415 354 2388. Mark can even send you audio files of the new chime!

purpltent100.jpgWould you like a floating bed? We did. These are unique circular shaped beds secured from a hanging point on supported beams. This may not quite be for your spa lounge, but could be a unique addition to an outside destination/resort area for pre and post treatment lounging, along with a piece as a talking point in your home. They are comfy, hold up to six adults, and can fit many decors. A relaxing product we were interested to see. Here’s what the ‘floating bed’ promoters had to say.

“The Floating Bed moves like a true one-point pendulum, evenly in all planes and directions. However, the overhead suspensionolndbed073-100.jpg and the inertial forces created by pendulum motion helps to gently hold the occupants in place. It’s more pleasant than the the tossing lateral rocking motion typical in hammocks, which feel subjectively far less refined. The bo dy and brain subconsciously know and enjoy this motion, which feels secure and nurturing. This results in extraordinarily pleasant dream and resting states, both mental and emotional, for most people.”

It seems to be the pendulum motion that assists with better sleep. I haven’t slept in one myself, but I look forward to trying one.

You can find out more on the exhibitors, products, members, and attending associates through the Day Spa Association and Bentley International.

Contributors to Our Spa Video Library

I love getting out into the community and meeting spa owners, and operators who are motivated to make a difference. During our presentation we included some great video/audio clips of some of those owners and spa directors who helped inspire the audience, when they got to hear straight from the mouth of people in their exact positions, not just from some one they view as a consultant. The time they took out of their busy days has been greatly appreciated and I encourage all of you to patron they’re worthwhile locations for a day retreat, or a long term getaway. You can contact;

Images Day Spa and Salon at 2627 South Parley’s Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 801 463 1927 You can contact them for everything from a cutting edge hair style, to an essential facial, body treatment or waxing. The owner, Tracey Lupanow, is a creative and dedicated day spa owner who is continually looking to bring new presentation and services to her clientele, and make her spa a local retreat with education and packages.

Stein Erickson Resort and Spa at 7700 Stein Way, Park City, Utah 84060 435.649.3700 The Spa Director, of the Stein Spa, Jill Fisher has experience in spa growth through the U.S., and enjoys the natural ambiance that the Deer Valley mountains offer her clients. One of the most well known and respected in Utah. She prides herself on a well trained staff and creative treatments that keep clients loyal. Spend the day, or a week.

Thanks again to our contributors and these two ideal spas who were featured at the Day Spa Expo 2008. We look forward to next year, and continued education at the rest of this years conferences such as, the Spa and Resort Expo, Spa Tec, IECSC, Cosmo Prof, If you’d like an audio file of our Day Spa class called “Make Your Spa a Destination” or other experienced presenters you can order these through the Day Spa Association.Only $24 for each audio file,while your there you can also check out excerpts from all the other great speakers.
Overall, it was great to see old friends, make new friends, and and stay updated on the ever developing spa world.Until next time.