Bloggers Unite – And Not Just For Self Serving Purposes

18 12 2007

I thought I’d take a moment and participate in the worldwide bloggers unit “Act of Kindness” event. That’s today! I’ve pulled myself, luckily, away from the daily routine and listened to a host of videos and blog entries of people participating in new, different, astounding and just plain straight forward acts of kindness. The recipients being everyone from total strangers to long time neighbors. This is an kindness_2.jpgevent that can reach across the globe and make a difference. As a person who has long worked in the wellness industry, it’s seems that much of what we do is looking for ways to make our lifestyles better, and others feel good. What better way than this? I’ve also long been attracted to humanitarian projects and providing for those who may not have the tools to provide for themselves, including non profits, Fundeico, Domes for the World and Care.

Even better, BlogCatalog is giving away prizes for your participation. If you are someone who has a blog, newsletter, email campaign, or tele seminars, you know the importance of getting return links and collaboration., and getting involved with worth while causes. One way of doing that is getting plenty of backlinks pointing to your . An important search engine optimization technique. And one you can do yourself. One of the ways you can do that is to participate in online activities such as this one with BlogCatalog and post links to the site, or your own “Act of Kindness”. All you need to do is to to do something good offline — an act of kindness — and then post about it on your blogs. Subsequently, post the URL of these posts to Blogger Unite Group to receive your backlinks and start a chance to win attractive prizes such as 8GB of Apple iPod Touch. It’s that simple!

You know, kindness is a strange thing, showing it’s influence in unexpected places or just the right time. That’s why I was so enthusiastic when I got the invitation to participate in this event. It’s a real project that\s been prompted by heart and soul. Bringing together all types for ONE purpose. I’m excited and happy to share my ongoing act of humanity. My promise of kindness, not only today, but tomorrow, and the next. This is dedicated to those who feel they have a deeper purpose and connection, with an inherent unrest that drives lifelong innovation in shifting paradigms for themselves and others. I hope that is you.

I’ve joined with some associates to provide a philanthropic addition to our Costa Rica spa retreats and workshops, provided by Spa College International. Attendees who attend a continuing education workshop or seminar can join us in a local project to build homes for the indigenous people, interact with tribal culture and give a sustainable living option to the community. As volunteers, they can opt to stay for additional time to participate in this project, building, organizing, or anything else that’s needed. boundaries.jpgPulling together support from the wellness community and sponsors we will bring together the people, supplies and support to make this happen and enjoy a side of Costa Rica that many tourists and everyday people never get to see. This is a long term project and we will continually be looking for sponsors and volunteers for building supplies, labor and a lot of kindness! Are you ready? I’ve included some photos of a build site for new homes, and community development, taken on our recent visit to Costa Rica. We had meetings with the local representative of the Fundeico Foundation, meetings with possible sponsors and an invitation to an international meeting with the government to gain support for the ongoing housing problem with the indigenous people and many others. oppositeside.jpg

Please take the time to share your own act, or spread the word about it. Support our human web, pass it on.

Here are some fun, and interesting entires I found today. You can read more here. Feel free to list yours! As always, if you have any questions, concerns or need in the spa, training, and wellness arena, my virtual door is always open.

A Little Piece of Me

Life Cruiser

Pinoy Hood




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