Conference for Women Entreprenuer’s – Get Inspired for Your Own Start Up Wishes

19 09 2007


Entrepreneurship and Spa-ownership
I know a women’s entrepreneurial conference may not sound like it belongs in a spa and wellness blog, but what could be more well suited to our daily need in finding balance with all of our demands, than a little inspiration and balance. The healing arts and beauty industry can be a very demanding one that our clients luckily don’t really see, if we are doing our jobs correctly. Every business, including day spas, sole practitioner’s, and resorts have to secure a profit and create an exceptional experience to stay ahead. If you often feel like your off balance, it may be time to seek out some new tools. Know what you’re facing each day and how even a small shift in your focus can change things.This is where conferences like this one come in handy to ensure we sharpen our competitive edge. Our compounded responsibilities, stress, and business needs, combined with personal, family and emotional needs translates into a greater need for focus to ensure that our minds, bodies, and businesses are healthy and balanced. To do that we need resources, competitive fringe, and lots and lots of networking with inspirational women and media. This brings balance that creates a level of personal health and wellness in our lives.

I read a lot of business related books and magazines for advice from corporate leaders, to stay up to date with progress both in my industry and out, along with finding inspiration to create long term strategies and performance improvements. This is a great way to educate yourself on ways to leverage alliance relationships as I’m sure you know, and possibly have already been doing. Today’s businesses need to be able to turn information into action, which is why expo’s, tradeshows, and conferences are so popular in bringing together organized workplaces and growth. In all this time, I’ve found a few themes that work across the board for entrepreneur’s and individuals in reinforcing lessons and growth.
-It takes time to change, and to make change stick

-It takes constant attention to detail and repetition of practices

– It takes a person who can keep their eye on the long term strategies even as they have to take bite size steps to get there

– It’s more “sexy” to get things done with motivation rather than force

– Sometimes force is necessary for change

As we create our outcomes from these and other strategies we can measure our goals in more feasible ways. Since these themes are so popular for all businesses, I enjoy sharing these with you and mentoring other business owners and start up’s as they may struggle to find their concept, or even what fits with their natural talents.

Make a Wish – Make it Happen
I come across many dreamy eyed spa entrepreneur’s, practioner’s and people needing some information based tools in many different wellness aspects. Many have a wish and many make it happen, which I am happy to be part of. The reason I mention this is because ‘Make a wish, make it happen” is the mantra of a local Salt Lake company called Start Up Princess, an international networking and mentoring company, and the force behind the upcoming women’s entrepreneurial conference. Recently I was asked to speak at this conference and was honored to do so regarding “Keeping Perspective” in business. This topic is something close to my heart as I’ve gone through the occasional roller coaster, better known by it’s real name….. business owner.

Founder of Start Up Princess, Kelly King Anderson, not only has put together a top shelf program for this event, but has been involved and motivated to bring many well known speakers and authors to the Salt Lake market for our benefit. One being a favorite author of mine, Seth Godin, known for ‘Small is the new Big”, “The Dip” among others. These are great resources for business topics, idea generating and inspiration.

Taking the Leap
So as you can see, I love to talk about the uses and benefits of industry conferences, networking and taking the initiative to step out of the box with your same resources, and expand. I hope you join me and the other presenters, October 12, at 11:20 a.m., at the Utah Valley State College, in my progressive and creative presentation on “Keeping Perspective; Steps to the Dream” You never know how you can apply this to your own spa and wellness dream. This conference runs all day from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., with lunch for a small fee.
Feel free to register at ThomasLA@UVSC or find our more at Start Up Princess. A special thanks to Kelly for her hard work and dedication on continuing to provide us with tools like this one.




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