Lotus Effects And Preston Spa Business Solutions Work Together in Spa Developement

12 09 2007


This is a quick look back in time. Years ago when I was shaping the direction of my company in spa development and consultancy. Thought I’d share my thoughts, and opportunities. Since then, I have created two growing companies and am launching a third that will bring a new level of training to the spa and wellness industries. I will also bring you more postings on career development and opportunities in this heading, so stay in touch, and tune in for future growth. Enjoy.

While the seemingly overwhelming spa industry continues to grow, technical abilities increase, and newcomers enter the scene, we may find ourselves zig zaging from one direction to the next. Looking to find where we as therapists, directors, physicians, editors, speakers and so on will be most comfortable, somewhere to hone our skills, and be recognized for them. It’s hard to stand out in a crowd of apples, if you’re just another apple, so we try being oranges. Well, you get my point. We seek to devour information and success but to be celebrated for our individuality.

I have always had an insatiable appetite for learning, and true to my trade, I am continuously pursuing the web, reading trade magazines, researching trainings, following conferences and making contacts with like minded people. It was in this search that I located an informative and friendly site for all aspects of the industry. This web page, stood out among the 100 thousand others, not because of a flashy web master, but because I could refer to it for all of my needs. And being as I was currently on a contract project in Costa Rica, I needed to search a little harder, and locate information that may otherwise be readily available to someone in the U.S. I relied on internet connections and online trade information, to minimize that distance, and keep me informed. I utilized this site to locate quality products for a start up spa, answers to questions on subjects from esthetics, operational forms and organization, industry updates, interview suggestions, business mentoring, and if there was something that I couldn’t find immediately, I could locate the answer in an online forum, hosted by the site, and put in my two cents. A place where you can easily converse with people from around the world, on any industry subject. Since I’m a fan of the “flattening of the world” concept, this was great.

As I was looking for more career training, and wanting to increase my knowledge base and evolve as a spa consultant, taking on new projects, I knew as an analytically minded person, I needed a no nonsense approach. I needed the most quantity in the amount of time provided, because like so many others, my time was limited. I have passed up many advertisements and invitations on trainings because, I didn’t want an infomercial, with promises of free stuff, bonuses, or jam packed solutions, with no real sustenance. It is easy for an insincere salesperson to tap into your innate knowledge, presenting simple answers that have ultimately been extracted from within you. The spa industry at its core is about the human condition. If someone is pitching another well worded slogan, consider what the motive is.

I have always read industry articles from this site with enthusiasm, authored by Douglas Preston, and succinct in subject matter. I have also located his expertise on other web searches, for answers to esthetic questions, product and business matters. So naturally I was enticed when I found he would be providing a course in precisely what I was looking for, career advancement. As I had already had a feel for what he was able to present, I trusted it would be worth the long day of travel, and expense. On the first day of our course, I was pleased to find we had an intimate class with a total of five ladies from varying backgrounds, with like minded interests and ambitions. As I had flown in to the California conference from my present position out of the country, I was first in distance, with the second runners up from Canada, and Colorado. We also had a couple of local girls from, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Some of us already well established as consultants, or sole proprietors, and all of us being experienced in the nuances of spas. I knew we were all searching for that next step, a little support, and for me personally to light a fire that would propel me to reach beyond my previous motivators. I had hope that we would learn from each other as well as the host of the seminar.

As I am now back to work, I continue to read articles, and press releases, but feel I now have more personal information and tools to build on. In addition to having launched my Spa Development and Consulting business in Costa Rica, I also launched in my hometown of Salt Lake City. I continued to be a frequent visitor to the site once I returned, and as I have now met the author in person, I could appreciate the nuances of his writing and am familiar with the references. I have confidence that his ability, experience and past accomplishments are the real deal! In addition I was pleased to become part of a strategic alliance of spa consultants with Preston, all touting excellent experience and backgrounds. You never know where that one trip will take you.

I believe in sharing as much of our knowledge and information as we can, teach, talk and share with your associates. If you find yourself resistant to this you may consider that it is not your fear of sharing knowledge but the fear you will be become obsolete by doing so. Not valuing what you have to personally offer will limit you. And inevitably you will limit yourself right out of a job.

I have realized that I can choose to surpass my dreams, expand my career, and not be limited in offering my unique talents, to my colleagues. After attending this career training, I have returned with new excitement to my position and set new goals. This team of professional affiliates, based in Santa Fe, provides various training throughout the year along with personal services, locate details at www. prestoninc.net. My best wishes to all of you in your careers and I hope to have the chance to met and work with you in the future, in spa consulting and mentoring!

I can now enjoy a long overdue escape to the beach, lulling in and out of sleep with the waves of the rising tide. I am clear, and ready to go forward with the practical application of my Preston inspiration,expaniding my business success.




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