Practice What You Preach – Define Your Spa Training Needs

4 09 2007

It seems like we are on a role lately with training. I’ve been talking training with so many clients recently that it seems like that’s all I do now. Hey….it’s not like me to complain, that’s a good thing. It means more and more people are seeking out valuable trainings and doing the research needed to decide what training will work for them, in their world, when they need it. images.jpgTraining was even the running theme in this month’s Spa College newsletter, and will be a focus in this year’s World Massage Festival, and was previously a topic at the 2007 Spa Summit.

As we all know, getting the right training for your spa or wellness facility is a key point that needs to be continuously addressed by companies. Don’t worry, it’s certainly not an issue unique to the healing arts industry. Training, the lack of, and the how to’s, have long been a challenge for companies across the board. So of course I thought….hello…..why not introduce you to some of my partners in training? I’ve long partnered with Preston Professionals in providing thorough spa consultancy services, seminars, and what else, trainings. They have recently launched a new training facility where they will be providing more seminars and services, one of which I love called “POWER UP.” This is a perfect two day training for your front line staff that is designed to enhance the first impressions and profitability of your location. Check them out, compare them to others, and make a great decision for your year’s training budget.

Back to me. I love training not just because I provide it as part of my consulting services, but because it offers a way to provide goals, specific action tasks and a contingency plan for your business. Since our hands on work is such an import part of what we do everyday in our spas, knowing what to do once your in the treatment room, or knowing what you expect your therapists to do will contribute to bringing clients back. Whether your upgrading to include LIPOMASSAGE by ENDERMOLOGIE, the glide of the JADE STONE MASSAGE, or a little indigenous therapy with HERBAL COMPRESSES your one on one time with the client should be top notch. This goes back to our discussion on POWER UP. This hands on therapy goes hand in hand with the quality and training of the rest of the support staff, front desk and especially management. Taking the steps to ensure that your plans will achieve your organizational goals, will create happier over all facility, and it will need to include everyone on staff. Here’s a quick look at some planning types to help you reach your target and training needs:

Single use plans– This takes into consideration planning that will focus on a one time “use” or goal, that will most likely not be used in the future. (seasonal offerings, opening parties etc.) Hopefully a single use plan will not be what you use in planning for training, since it is recommended that training occur on a consistent ongoing basis.

Standing plans– Used to focus on repeated goals, which can be adopted as policies and organizational rules. This is what I recommend in planning for your staff’s training goals. You may need quarterly trainings, or a standing plan for internal policies and protocols.

Contingency/Alternative plans– Always have one of these no matter how small the task or decision. A lot goes into planning that could also go wrong. Know the resources required for your goal, the obstacles that could occur, and how you will overcome them if they do. This may not seem necessary for training, however it will help in quantifying and analyzing your budget, project plans, and client needs.

We are always saying we want operational distinction and quality service that will out do our competition, let’s practice what we preach and get that training that makes that a reality. So what’s you training goal? Improving profits by 10% annual growth in sales? Maybe the most memorable treatments to offer by next quarter, with everyone cross trained. What ever it is, I wish you happy planning, happy training, and I will see you at one of our upcoming trade-shows, or international seminars. Please contact me for more on personal training goals, setting a realistic plan, and increasing your confidence, profits, and operational balance. Also be sure to support our Preston Professionals , Power Up seminar, and let them know you found them here.

Power Up – 2 Days
Dates: October 28-29, 2007
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Tuition: $549.00 (not including accommodations and meals)

  • 10% discount for active Preston Inc. Private Label Customers or
    Inspiration Inc. coaching customers
  • 10% discount if two or more individuals from the same company attend



2 responses

26 07 2009
Karen Bell

Preston Private Label is one of the worst companies I have dealt with! Their skincare was waxy and cheap feeling. You can’t complain to them since they are impossible to get by phone.

26 07 2009

Thanks for your thoughts Karen. All product types need thorough investigation, especially when putting your own private lable on them.
I enjoy partnering with companies that are innovative, and though I no longer work with Preston Private Label as a partner, I continue to create and develop modern concepts for spas around the world.
I’d love to hear about any of your own product you’ve developed. Share it here.

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