Women’s Networking, Wellness and Serious Fun Take Hold in Salt Lake City

30 08 2007

Once again, we’ve just finished our monthly women’s social networking event, the Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange, held at a fabulous downtown wine bar called Panache. I’m just fresh off recovering from the evening of enthusiasm, guerrilla networking, and empowerment. Whewww! It was great to see true exchange and collaboration at work with some quality women in the community. 10.jpgPlenty of connections were made, possible deals coming together, and friendships being forged. If you want to increase your media and emotional intelligence quotient, this is one place to find some camaraderie and ramp up your marketing efforts. We had several great businesses on hand as vendors with products to sell, services to offer, and even mini paraffin hand treatments by local Essensuals Spa. You can’t beat being a little pampering after a day at work, running a business or a even a household. A heartfelt thank you to all of you! Here’s what one vendor had to say……

“I’m starting a new business and wanted to find a place where I could meet people in my market, be social and enjoy myself. The Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange allowed me to talk one on one with people about my retreats, coaching and speaking services. High impact.” Cristina Collins, The Coaching Alliance (759-2297)

Check out video highlights of our evening’s activities.

[rockyou id=82357062&w=500&h=400]

[rockyou 8235706]

It’s important for us to manage our lives with passion, seeking out what we love and making it a success, what ever it may be. As I’ve said before, it’s worth repeating here, not every human exchange needs to be for profit, sometimes it can simply be for the value of the exchange. Here’s to wishing you all healthy success, and we will see you at the next event, September 26, 2007. You’ll have to attend to see what surprises we have in store for you this time. It’s always a mix of new vendors for our mini marketplace meets girl’s night out. We are also fast gaining media interest, and we encourage media to contact for more information and a complimentary attendance certificate.

Thanks to all of our vendors, giveaways, attendees and supporters;


Essensuals Spa


Studio Soiree

Domes for the World

Kara Clapp

Tiffany Johnson- Executive Escapes (573 1575)

Cristina Collins – The Coaching Alliance (759 2297)

Anitra Patane -Arbonne Distribution

Sonia Thomas – Wellness Camps and Feng Shui




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