Investing In Yourself

28 08 2007

We Deserve Personal Health and Success

I don’t know about you, but after all the travel to spa expo’s, tradeshows, trainings, and networking events, I’m ready to just settle in to a nice retreat somewhere and leave the world behind. I don’t want to hear about work, clients, or projects that need finishing, just focus on the ability of the mind to meditate and heal the soul. yoga21.jpgSounds fabulous right? I haven’t made it to the retreat yet, as I’m still working away, but it is on the task list. I’d even accept a retreat boot camp at this point.

I know many of you can relate when it comes to needing a mental or physical escape from our everyday work, helping, healing, and focusing on others. In our industry there is always a focus on better ways of doing things, inundating clients with luxury, and increasing the authority of our industry. What do you do to release body and soul? I’d love to hear from those of you who have a working solution for yourself, provide getaway’s and so on. I am all for supporting the virtual viruses called online networking. Feel free to post them here. In the meantime, I’ve touched base with some international affiliates who can help me, you and your clients with some much needed rejuvenation.


I first touched base with fitness and health guru, Sunita Bhatia in 2004 in Costa Rica. As you probably know from previous entries or visits to my site, I spent a significant amount of time in spa development in Central America and have created some strong alliances that allow places like Spa College and other training providers to expand internationally. Sunita is a dedicated professional to bringing about change in the lives of others in her retreats and everyday work as a fitness instructor. She has began to expand her life philosophies by providing wellness “hideaways” for individuals, groups, corporate retreats etc. Feel free to check out the link above or contact her directly for detailed information on how you can make the most of a tropical wellness retreat. One I can assure you is well deserved. You have my permission to throw everyday logic and justification to the wind, and enjoy. There are times when we go full speed ahead until we wear ourselves out, not even knowing it, and the body literally needs a rest. We spend a noteable amount of time, energy and financial investment in industry training, and knowledge. Though training is key to success, I say it’s time to also make an investment in our holistic selves, to unlock our real potential. This means, enjoying the very thing we market; health, nutrition, massage, meditation, dance, spirituality, personal talents, and physical, emotional and mental release. It may sound like a lot, or maybe those things don’t even appeal to you for personal relaxation, in that case find the very thing that does provide you relaxation and refreshment with some introspection and go for it.

Banding Together for Health and Success

I’m happy to introduce Sunita here, because I believe in what she is doing. She will also be one of the ongoing affiliates of Spa College. Providing combined experiences and expanded services to offer our students, practitioners’ and clients a wide range of trainings and retreat locations. Keep your eye out for further announcements on our upcoming retreats in Costa Rica, Thailand, and other national locations. If you’d like one in your city, let us know.

Before I sign off, and sign myself into an exclusive escape, I thought I’d introduce you to one more key affiliate who has created an alliance with the professional trainings provided by our company Spa College. sabaiflower.jpgManish Patwardhan, is an aruyvedic provider based in India. He works in educational, and consultative services for spas, along with exporting aruyvedic products. We have come together to assist in providing various training opportunities in the U.S., India, and other key locations, once again expanding our services and ability to give our trainees what they need. Manish provides some of the modalities below, along with advancing his curriculum to include Spa College, Spa Essentials Training, Advanced Spa Treatments, Protocol Design and Spa Treatment Management among others. You can check out some of the current Indian based modules below. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration into options for health and wellness, and take my advice on really investing in yourself. If we take ourselves too seriously, it can throw us off balance. If we think that the world will come to a halt if we take time out for ourselves, just try stepping away from a project or decision for a while, to see how  a new perspective will naturally  arise. Happy relaxing.

Modules Provided by Manish:

  1. Introduction to Ayurveda

  2. Introduction to Ayurveda Massage

  3. Ayurveda Massage

    • Basic Massage Strokes

    • Massage Strokes: Back, Abdomen, Chest, Hands. Legs, Feet. Head.

  4. Ayurveda Marma Massage

    • Marma Points

    • Importance of Marma Massage

    • Techniques of Marma Massage

  5. Ayurveda Body work:

    • Different Body work techniques

    • Shirodhara

    • Kati Basti

    • Hrud Basti

    • Netra Basti

    • Janu Basti

    • Nasya

    • Pizzichil

    • Chavitti

    • Udvartana Massage

    • Pinda Sweda

  6. Ayurvedic Oils & Ghee

    • Preparation of Ayurvedic Oils & Ghees

    • Therapeutic Uses of various Ghee & Oils

  7. Some Important Conditions & Ayurveda Massage techniques

  8. Health, Hygiene & Ethics during Ayurveda Massage




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