Give Me Five Minutes To Prove You Can Make A Difference

7 08 2007

world.jpg We’ll Show You How to Maximize Your Inner Beauty by Helping Others

July, 2007 Salt Lake CityWhat do the indigenous people of Costa Rica, a non profit organization, and an international wellness consultant, have in common​? For starters the belief that a sustainable future is important and reachable. Two very different Salt Lake Companies have combined forces for one common theme. Combining wellness with wisdom. Part of that theme, takes us to helping the tribes of Costa Rica.

Rebecca South, Managing Director of Domes for the World (DFTW), and Liz Galloway, Principal of Lotus Effects LLC, have launched a common theme in their companies, “Inner Beauty Comes from Helping Others.” Promoting this both in their independent companies and their strategic partnership to create awareness for sustainable living. The mission of DFTW is to build affordable and long term housing for developing countries. Not just “housing” but DOME shaped Eco Shells. This EcoShell technology ensures homes can be built using 50% less material than other construction methods, without consuming local resources, or increasing deforestation. Not only is this a necessary, modern approach, but an exciting concept!

DFTW has progressed in leaps and bounds both locally and internationally, and continues to gain support. Part of the strategic partnership of these two companies, is increasing that support and involvement from YOU. South and DFTW was recently introduced at a local women’s networking event, the Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange in downtown Salt Lake. Outlets like this can help increase awareness and networking, along with helping you maximize your inner beauty and make a difference for someone in the world. “We maintain that as an individual or group we can make a difference in a stranger’s life.” says Galloway when talking about her interest in the project and promoting inner beauty. Galloway goes on to say “I work in an industry that is wellness and beauty focused, but this needs to be more than the physical.”

Bring out your inner beauty, and help support DFTW. What can you do? A promotion has been set up with an organic skincare company, hand made in Costa Rica. Each time you purchase products from any of their lines, these generous business owners, will provide 25% of total sales for the project development in Costa Rica. To purchase contact, or You can also donate directly to Fundieco, the indigenous organization in Costa Rica ( or  DFTW, . You can also join us at the social networking event each month, and talk to us in person to join the inner beauty movement. ( This is one country and one route, but the reach of DFTW is worldwide, with successful projects in other countries already under it’s belt.

As our world grows more chaotic and we ourselves are unsure of how to create change, it should be in the forefront of our minds to seek out opportunities that sustain the interconnectedness of all of our lives, familiar and foreign. This project directly promotes that sentiment. Opportunities are made, not taken. Will you help support a sustainable future?

For questions, comments, registration and suggestions you can contact Liz Galloway at, or Rebecca South at Your input is welcome.

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15 06 2013
Oscar Young

How do I start with DFTW ?

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