Need to Get Outdoors? How About a Wellness Camp

25 07 2007

This isn’t a fluffy spa retreat where you lie around like Cleopatra all day, or a fitness boot camp, where they make you suffer with no caffeine, sugar or rest. This is a great weekend getaway, right in your own backyard. Sonia Thomas is the founder of the Wellness Camp, ladies only weekend retreats. Think of enjoying nature with a bunch of girlfriend’s who are able to help you find your center, and focus in on your mind body connection. It’s kind of like that. An informal social setting with physical activity, relaxing massages’, and some great conversation. She covers everything from nutrition, to mountain biking. This also includes time to share life stories, and get focused in on your life’s goals. She even provides a lighthearted wellness camp “candidate” quiz on her site. Check it out.The next retreat begins, August 3rd. With an informative, introductory meeting on July 31st.


These are low cost retreats, from $20 donations to $220 package plans. What ever plan you choose you will receive benefit from the well rounded, flexible curriculum, while getting your nature fix, in the mountains of American Fork Canyon. If you don’t happen to be in the Utah Valley, come visit, or contact Sonia directly about doing customized retreats in other locations.This is for women from all walks of life. Those who are just gathering life stories to share, and those who have years of insight, that only comes from experience. Join us for for a great adventure.


She has also authored a few books, one of her most recent being, “Holo Cuentos & Holy Poesias” (Tales and Poetry) This is a quaint collection of fictional short stories and visual poems, inspired by her life and experiences. This edition is in Spanish, but I’m sure this bilingual author will be coming out with more in the future for both Spanish and English readers. Besides, you always needed an excuse to learn Spanish, now here it is. You can purchase this online or at your local Sam Wellers book store.

I recently sat down with Sonia for lunch and discussed her wishes, philosophy, networking, and desires for her new wellness camp business. What I loved, was the down to earth style and sincerity of her passion, and her triumph in some life changing experiences, which you can read in full on her website. She has background training in several areas, including Feng Shui, and aromatherapy, and a degree in Communications and Broadcasting.

She describes her philosophy as “….the eternal knowledge and constant search for learning….” A statement I can relate to, as a self described information hound. Originally from Argentina, she has been living here for seven years, and has been successful in her pursuit of learning and loving life. We exchanged some words in Spanish, as I love to practice the language, having lived in Central America for years. I can admire anyone who takes a leap, moves to a new country, and starts a business. I’ve been there, I know the challenges you are presented with, and the inner motivation that it can take in the face of misfortune and unknown adventure. A great quote this reminds me of, goes something like this; “Never fear shadows, as it simply means there is a light shining somewhere nearby.” To me this translates to looking past the “dark” spaces and phases in life, and creating the life you want, rather than react to the life you have.

Enough of the sentimentality. Get out there and enjoy some time with yourself, and some great women. Sign up for the Wellness Camp, take advantage of Sonia’s wide range of services, and check out her book. That is meant in the kindest way of course. Let us know what you think of our affiliates, we always want to get feedback from our readers.




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