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25 07 2007

From time to time, it’s great to share our affiliates with our readers and not just keep them all to ourselves. And, of course being the serial cyber networker that I am, I always enjoy meeting another associate in the beauty industry. Welcome to a whirlwind of fabulous skincare, wellness tips, fashion and more…..Leah Patterson is a multi talented women business owner, who recently provided some insights into the esthetic industry for an article I was writing. And since I am partial to supporting women business owners, being chair of a local women’s business center here in Salt Lake City, I am delighted to introduce her flavor and talents here.

leahpatteson.jpgIn a recent interview with Leah, I was able to gather plenty of sage insights into this driven women. I’ve included some bits and tips below;

Her professional background. I have my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. I’ve studied herbal medicine extensively and most notably for a year with herbalist Robin Rose Bennett as an apprentice. I began teaching classes in herbal medicine and natural products making in 2002. I also started a non-profit organization in 2002, Soulistic Sanctuary as a forum through which to educate low-income and minority communities on holistic health and living. In 2005, I started a mobile spa business while living in Chicago and sold my own line of handmade natural body care products. In March of this year, I started Etniq Mineral Cosmetics.

When asked about how she got to where she is now, and her level of satisfaction, she responded that she had done a lot of soul searching like many of us do, and that over all she still wasn’t satisfied and had more goals on the horizon. The true trait of an entrepreneur at heart, she was very philosophical about her approach, and definetley felt she had a destiny to follow. Here’s how she describes her growth. I ended up in the holistic health and beauty field because of my commitment to living a better life. Early on after college, I was very committed to educating as many people as I could about holistic lifestyle choices and natural living options. This lead me into teaching seminars and weekly classes as well as speaking engagements. I ended up in the holistic health and beauty field because of my commitment to living a better life. Early on after college, I was very committed to educating as many people as I could about holistic lifestyle choices and natural living options. This lead me into teaching seminars and weekly classes as well as speaking engagements. Through esthetics is where I found I had a love for makeup artistry. This is what I’ve been currently working on and developing – my skills in makeup artistry and my own mineral makeup line. Etniq brings together a lot of my passions – artistry in creating beautiful looks, creativity and science in making vibrant eyeshadow and blush colors and creating various products, and holistic health in the sense that minerals are of the earth naturally and can even improve the health of your skin through their use. etniqlogo.jpg

Of course I had to ask about business, challenges, tools and personal success. Here’s what she had to say. My biggest challenge right now is rebuilding my life while building a business. In life there are always decisions to make and I have to make sure I run my decisions through at least two lenses – what’s going to put my life on track and what’s going to advance my business. My most valuable tool…..Feeling Good. Honestly, getting myself into a good feeling place puts me in the space I need to be in to do everything else I need to do. It keeps me motivated and excited about life.

And finally the sageness of sageness, what advice can other women business owners provide, that can help others out there accomplish their dreams, reach for the stars, and realize that they already posses the confidence and traits needed to champion their cause…..themselves. Take care of you, and what you put out will come back multiplied. Leah elaborates on her own advice below for our readers, which I agree gives some great objectives;

Finding YOUR PEOPLE is the most important thing I’ve found. I was taught this concept by Chellie Campbell through her books the Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire. I used to be overwhelmed thinking about how I was going to get people to value what I had to offer. When I started to change my thinking to the realization that there are already people out there that will value what I have to offer, things began to change. I was no longer concerned with speaking to or changing the masses. I realized that there were billions of people in the world and all I had to do was find MY People, the ones who wanted what I had to offer and who thought I was great for offering it and who needed it in the exact way that I presented it. This eased so much stress from me and I became focused on finding MY people. And I began to attract MY people. And in a lot of cases, I found that my people were already right around me. I think if you remember and embrace this, it will make it so much easier for you to continue, especially when the going gets tough.

As the years have gone by, I’ve realized that everyone has some type of mentor, and some advice or words that have set the stage, and propelled them into motion. It’s always good to ask a person, especially a business owner, what inspires them. One way of doing this is to ask a quote they favor, something that gives them personal power, and reminds them of something within themselves. These are the quotes that ignite our lives. We all have them, one of my favorites is by Anais Nin —–“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” These quotes can usually tell you a little about a person, and how they are driven. How? I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. Let’s take a look at Leah’s favorite quote:

“I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul.” ~from Invictus by William Ernest Henley. My 7th grade spelling teacher Ms. Lee taught us this poem and it has meant so much to me over the years.

I’m sure Leah who say if Ms. Lee is out there, thank you. I can tell you that she is on her way to becoming captain of her fate, as she looks to the future. Within five years, she has plans to open the first of I’m sure, a series of Etiniq Skin Studios, launch her makeup line into a well known main stream offering, and be recognized for her talents in makeup and skincare by working in the arts, theater, film and dance. I have this dream of a space where all my passions can exist – so that means doing amazing makeovers and photoshoots for clients (my target is new and rising talent and arts organizations) as well as maintaining their skin in amazing condition with my own line of herbal skin care.” says Leah when dreaming of her future vision.

Etniq is a mineral line, developed by someone with experience, and directed towards providing solutions to women of color.“I want to make sure that women of color are represented in the mineral makeup revolution and know they have options too” This includes, latinas, african-american etc. Being in the beauty industry is ever changing, and Leah see’s the future trends going towards awareness of a total beauty concept, not just a cookie cutter vision. A refreshing direction.

Finally things are moving towards more natural care, a global view of beauty, and a true sense that a whole, well-rounded, and happy individual is what makes a beautiful individual. We’re finally starting to see this being promoted in popular culture, which I think is amazing and so very promising.

The global view of beauty is a great concept, and one I hope to see more of too. This can mean many different things, but most importantly it should be a reminder to celebrate our uniqueness. So what does someone in this industry do to keep themselves healthy and their skin looking great? Well Leah maintains that a good diet and exercise are at the core of her routine. I drink tons of water, I am religious about my cleansing routine (morning and night) and I do a mask once a week. I also dance professionally and so that keeps me in shape and helps keep toxins out of my system. I also try to keep fresh foods in my diet as much as possible. I smile a lot and keep good thoughts and feelings revolving through my mind as much as possible too:).

Among all this, Leah still finds time to share her expertise as an online editor with Bella Online, a site for “the voice of women” to share articles, contacts, resources, and information on topics from beauty and health, to relationships, food and wine. This is where our worlds collided as I came across her article on one women’s horror story in the esthetic industry. After reading about what she was doing, I felt we had a lot to share and learn from each other. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Leah as much as I did.
If you’d like to learn more about her products, services, or just ask a question, you can contact her directly at Etniq. We wish her the best for her future endeavors, and hope you will support her services.




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