What’s a Business Incubator? The Coolest, Most Amazing Networking Zone Ever…….

24 07 2007

Incubators, what are they? Incubators are usually reserved as a location that new businesses and start up companies can access, to help them launch in those boot strapped phases. The assistance of a business incubator in combination with mentors, can provide you with everything from a physical space to house your temporary company, to software, tools, equipment and advice. It’s a successful partnership for many new businesses. We have access to one of our local incubators at the Miller Business Innovation Center, in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley. A great place to create opportunity.Though our majority focus is in the spa and beauty industry, I thought it was significant to open up the opportunity of women based incubators to those of you who may be looking into expanding your practice, opening a spa, or launching a beauty product. The power of networking and utilizing tools correctly in your R & D of a business  start up, can enhance your skills and create potential for yourself that you may not have seen. Take a look at our highlighted business below. If you’d like the opportunity to speak with a professional about business development you can contact me directly, or take advantage of the tools below.

The Ladies Who Launch Incubators, our featured affiliate today, is another type of social networking that helps people develop their business ideas, with a fun social and planning program to a successful launch. This is a month long directive, meeting once a week, that provides homework assignments related to your new venture, and some great networking. This is one step in the road to business success; “The coolest, most amazing networking zone ever born to women.” Those are the words of Erin Olson, Salt Lake City Director of Ladies Who Launch, a national women’s networking movement. She is obviously motivated when she talks about introducing her local “incubator” sessions. Going on monthly, you can attend the next incubator every Tuesday in August, starting on the 7th, in Salt Lake City. You can find out more on Ladies Who Launch. Or contact Erin directly at erin@ladieswholaunch.com.

This busy lady, is is also a small business owner, having recently launched her new fashion based company called, Haute and Prim. and featured on the cover of local magazine Wasatch Woman

cover_story_july-aug.jpg The Haute and Prim program is focused on “tweens” and young women who are interested in the beauty and fashion industry, particularly modeling. The great thing about this company is that it is not another talent agency looking to book girls into international contracts where they may be exposed to more than they are ready for. Erin’s focus is to provide a healthy outlook on the industry, and show each young girl how they can be beautiful and successful, without sacrificing their modesty or principals. What a great concept! I wish I would have had something like this around when I was younger. It would have provided a lot of insights and support. I’m sure there are plenty of mom’s out there who are happy about this program, along with Erin’s style and fashion camps that are open to all girls, shapes, sizes and colors. To find out more about this and Erin, you can check out the site, and attend the upcoming fashion show at Studio 600 in Salt Lake City. If your not located in Salt Lake City, you can still contact Erin for great advice and consultation on how to implement these types of things in your own family or business. Haute and Prim. And don’t forget to attend and support the upcoming incubator!





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