Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange A Soulful Success

4 07 2007

June 28th 2007, Salt Lake City — Three professional, trend setting, women owned
companies launch a Utah movement. The Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange,was the brainchild of Restaurant Panache, Avidere, & Lotus Consulting. A monthly educational social networking event, that highlights women in the community and provides an edgy forum to share real experiences. This event will cover topics and interests for a wide range of women, in a wide range of industries, providing high performance information to increase your lifestyle and business quotient.

“There are lots of women’s networking events, but none that allow the attendees to decide what they want to see, and who they want to see. It’s the participants who share what they want, not a committee that decides who gets a chance.” says Rebecca South of Domes for the World, a non profit organization that will be introduced at the first event.

The sponsors were varied and valuable. The educational forum provided lifestyle topics such as “How to attract more love and wealth into your life with your style.”, and “How to haveBeautiful Skin at any Age.”. Not to mention the mingling over great appetizers and wine (non alcoholic drinks provided also) business women, casual women, stay at home mom’s and entreprenuer’s all found a place and a great exchange.

Attendees were provided with a fashion show by Solissa, local designer, and received great giveaways from sponsors, some of them worth $500. Sponsors inlcuded Dr. Kara, My Shape, Finest Accessories, Studio Soiree, and Daisy Johnson. We had amazing music from local artist Bronwen Beecher, renowned acoustic guitar and fiddle player. Now don’t you wish you could have attended? You can! Don’t miss out on this month’s event to be held on July 25th at 6:00 p.m. Our popularity seems to be growing, because we’ve had many requests from people to participate and highlight their companies. Looks like you haven’t gotten rid of us yet.


This is a great value, and one I hope can bring some people into the spotlight.“We wanted to provide a platform to get people out for something of value, educate and entertain them. Not just pass out business cards.” – Liz Galloway, Founder of Lotus Effects Consulting. “The impact of small business is huge, representing 99% of all employers. With more than 48,000 women owned businesses in Utah, we need to continue to develop and innovate not just with our business but with our ability to share and grow a lifestyle.” To find out more, feel free to contact us directly. Insert your comments or questions below.

We hope to see you at continuing events. Please keep us updated on other women’s community events, and we will support you. Check out some business resources to look into:












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