Do you need a lifestyle coach? TRANSFORM your life into what you want.

3 07 2007

brochureangela.pngWelcome to success with Angela Martindale – Lifestyle Coach and International Professional

At one time or another, I’m sure most of us have wished we had a life coach, even way before the time when life coaching was an official profession. We probably had a wise friend or mentor who could offer us sound advice, and ask the right questions about what we wanted out of life. Sometimes this was enough to get us on track and motivated, other times we needed more. This was a typical scenario of a “life coach”. I have to say that with every profession there are people who do not get the proper training, and claim to work miracles. The same goes with someone coaching you through your life goals. I have however met some great coaches who also take the profession seriously. Just as a source here are some of the lifestyle/coaching contacts I’ve found:

Starting a new spa, business, career changes, or lifestyle shift can cause serious stress. If not handled well it can affect our business, health and personal life. I know my lifestyle has definetly changed since launching a new business a year ago, with another project launch scheduled this year, and a book. Yes, a book. I’ve had a lot of people ask how I get to do what I do, working with international spas, and the beauty industry. So, guess what I’m putting it in a book for everyone. In managing my everyday projects I’ve looked into books, seminars, meditation and exercise. Some of it works, but the goal is to find what may or may not work best for you.

In regards to life coaching, organizing your life and business, and generally creating a workable plan to create a “blue ocean” strategy, it’s good to have some resources. I recently met with the founder of a lifestyle company called TRANSFORM. Angela Martindale has worked all over the world in fitness, media and competition. Her official title; Lifestyle coach and International Professional. She recently launched a business in Salt Lake City that provides private transform_cross_color_logo.pngfitness training, nutrition counseling and private chef services. I think her monthly nutrition program is the most popular with her clients. She creates and cooks three meals per day plus snacks for you, so all you have to do is heat them up, and stay in shape. It is oriented specifically for you, after a private consultation. I was impressed with Angela because she has great tenacity, and a desire to provide value to her clients. Her location is tranquil and smooth, kind of like a spa, instead of a gym. Her lifestyle coaching can also help you rearrange your goals, and get on track. My theory is, if you’ve got the discipline and schedule of a healthy fitness routine and eating habits, your focus and energy will transcend into your business and personal life. Making you a success. TRANSFORM into what you want to be! This is also why a lot of life coaches, and lifestyle coaches combine their practices and training with yoga, pilates, fitness and nutrition for a totally personal transformation.

As with any professional, you want to get the best value for your money, so please check that they are accredited, and certified with one of the national associations, like the International Coaching Federation. Check out some of our associates like Angela Martindale, at, for your own personal transformation, or look into getting some coach training yourself. This may just be the job for you.

Best of luck all of your lifestyle aspects. And congratulations to Angela of TRANSFORM on her successful business launch.




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