Supporting small business is essential. Introducing our associate Erin Olson.

26 06 2007

We’d like to introduce an associate of ours, Erin Olson, who is in the style and fashion industry. Great for that image styling or event presenation. She runs a teen style camp in Salt Lake City, helping young women find their unique image, without substituting modesty for fashion. She is also the local director of the national project called Ladies Who Launch. A program connecting women, new businesses, and providing support and forums for them to excel.

We wholly support Erin in her endeavors, and small businesses. We can provide small business consulting and management services for you and your staff. Total quality management and customer relationship management are key whatever the size of your business, spa and wellness based or not. You can take advantage of our just in time consulting services or one on one contact to get a sense of whether a business solutions consultant is a fit for you. To find out more contact adminstration a:

A great way to gain momentum, especially for start up companies, and new launches, is to participate in one of your local Ladies Who Launch incubators. I recently attended the May session, in Salt Lake City, directed by Erin Olson, and was delighted to find a group of like minded women and fresh ideas. Not to mention a great support group for business growth and a catalyst to forging new relationships. To join or gain more knowledge of the group please contact, or support Erin’s growing busines contact:

Erin’s bio:

Erin spent 9 years in the fashion world from modeling to designing to sales. She has lived and worked in Germany, Italy, India, China and NYC. After getting married a short time ago she moved back to her home state of Utah and recently became the Director of Ladies Who Launch in Salt Lake City. Ladies Who Launch serves as a multi-faceted education
model and lifestyle network, proven to be an essential tool for new business success. The organization provides an innovative platform for female entrepreneurs and women in business that combines information, community, style, fun and passion. Ladies Who Launch also produces in-depth case studies on female entrepreneurs and their businesses.
Through its website, entrepreneurial tools and programs, as well as events in different cities, Ladies Who Launch provides multiple forums for women entrepreneurs to connect with each other, share products and services, ideas, creativity and networking.

I am a strong supporter and participant in local and national networking groups, and strongly advise you hone your skills in networking. My past efforts have brought me partner alliances, clilents, new opportunities, press, and a wider knowledge base of available resources. I regularly attend local Chamber events, and am a member of NAWBO – National association of women’s business owners, as well as the chair for the Miller women’s business center. We also host the Urban Lifestyle Women’s Exchange networking monthly. What ever the venue, networking is a great way to offer your services, to connect with media and press contacts, and to participate in the community.

So whether your goal is more marketing, education or sales leads, perfect your elevator speech, know your mission statement and get out there and network!

Here’s a sample of what I tell people in the 30 seconds I have to gain their interest: “I’m Liz Galloway, Lotus Effects Consulting. I help people anticipate and create the life they want, rather than react to the life they have.” This usually gives me an open opportunity to continue on with a longer conversation and peak their interest. Be sure of what you do, what it provides to potential clients, or the public as a whole, and what you want from that particular conversation. If you find yourself in a large group and overhear someone with an introspeech similar to yours, don’t get discouraged, simply add in something more specific. For example, ” I’m Suzy, President of Widget’s Inc., we make widget’s for every household.” could become, “I’m Suzanne Doe, an experienced provider of widget’s for your home, office or family. We offer more styles than any other company.” The key is to get the audience to hear something that could apply to them directly, rather than just a name and company. Meeting 20 new members at an event can easily turn into a series of blurred faces, but who are the people that you tend to remember? They had a look, a confidence, or a statement that set them apart, right?

As always, we wish you luck in all of your ventures, and are always looking to introduce you to new and beneficial people, like Erin Olson who can provide you with something of value.




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