Make a wish, make it happen. Featured interview on Start up Princess.

26 06 2007

I’ve recently been introduced to some great locally women owned businesses, one of them being an international networking site called Start Up Princess. The founder of the company and an entreprenuer herself, Kelly Anderson, recently invited me to be interviewed as a business owner for her site. It was a pleasure to be a part of this, and share my information with other women, along with being in the midsts of some great projects. We spoke about how I broke into my current career as a Spa Consultant, along with the launch of a new venture to bring more effective, accessible training to people in the spa and beauty industry. This has been exciting in the fact that I’m launching two new projects this year, one a digital training system called Lucid Learning Simulations, and the other a book called “Spa I.Q.; How I started an international career on $300 ! Both will be accessible later this year. If you’d like to view the entire interview, or find out more about Start Up Princess, Kelly Anderson, or other ambitious women check out the link below;

As a side note, we are currently inviting individuals, spas, resorts etc., to submit their international spa experiences, career high’s and lows, and stories to include with the book launch. You will receive exposure, and your resource information highlighted for international distribution. Please contact us for more information or to submit information from around the world.

As Kelly Anderson would say “Make a wish, make it happen.” A great motto and motivator for us all!




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