Spa College – Gaining momentum in the international training market……

25 06 2007

As industry practitioner’s, trainers and experts we are constantly trying to stay on top of breaking news, growth, market trends and events worth taking note of. One publication I like to frequent is Spa Business Magazine, a leisure media company based in the UK. Also the publishers of several other key industry news magazines, including Health & Club Management, Leisure Management, & Spa Opportunities among others. I can bear testimony that, they are one of the best all inclusive resources for interntational spa news, oppportunities and growth.

I’ve regularly used the news information and conncections to gain “inside” information before others do, and form beneficial key business relationships to enhance my business growth. As an industry trainer and spa business consultant, it is key to find tools and resources that work for you. I encourage you to check them out, along with the stories they provide.

Recently Spa College, one of our sister businesses was launched and has fast become a popular site for industry trainings. Featured in what else, but one of my favorite publications, Spa Business Magazine. You can see the full story at:

We will be holding key training in the popular eco tourism spot of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, a focus on the secrets of spa essentials and how to market and sell your sepecialty trainings once you’ve completed your course. This is a CEU based course, so if you want to learn from the experts while meeting your continuing education requirements, join us. You can also find out more course details or just ask us some questions at:

We all know how difficult and time consuming it can be at times to sift through all the information on training and business solutions on the world wide web. That’s why it is even more important to bookmark your key sites, and make connections that can be beneficial with other providers around the world. With our digital age, and pro-sumer mentality, we can easily cross the boundries of countries world wide. Depending on what your personal and business goals are, you may want to take advantage of Spa Business’ Magazine yearly subscription, or another that may be more specific to your goals. Just follow the link at Spa Business to find out the details and purchase price.

Here’s wishing you well in your spa and business search needs, and your future success. I’m happy to continue to answer questions in regards to training, consulting or any of your other business needs. Happy training!




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