What’s your MQ? This is something you want to know.

22 05 2007

We all want media exposure for our company right? Especially small businesses. So how do you get it and what is MQ? MEDIA INTELLIGENCE! The new buzzword, like emotional intelligence, guerrilla intelligence, and intellectual intelligence, media intelligence, is the the new theme in leadership management. Gaining insights to this will increase your media quotient, and possibly a ride on the powerful media vehicle to runs through our society.

As with anything you need to have an end direction in place. We’ve all gotten lost or distracted from our goal at some point. The majority reason for this is usually because there was no real breakdown of tasks or an end goal in place. The same goes with marketing and media. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a great product or niche, and if what you are “selling” comes from the heart. Audiences and our clients can sense whether we really mean what we are saying. Good general rules to follow.

Your news, needs to be newsworthy.

You need to make your press releases interesting, and establish yourself as the area expert. Get involved with community events, offer your time, or provide educational events. Again here, use your imagination.

Create standard procedures and mini steps that bring you that much closer to your goal and provide and easily reproduced system.(Action oriented of course)

What/Who’s your target and how does your product/service affect their lives.

Try to get endorsements or testimonials to include with your media contacts. This could be a client, friend, or think big, and call up someone famous you would like to get on your side, and ask them for a testimonial. Try contactanycelebrity.com, or someone you admire who has accomplished something similar to you.

Establish a unique selling point, mission and have your 30 second elevator speech ready.

Don’t underestimate the power of search engine optimization in our digital world. This means getting the right web content, and making the most of your media publicity. Get noticed.

You can find out more on increasing your media quotient at ezinearticles.com, or contact us here with any specific questions. We are always happy to help people move forward in business, and build successful, profitable spas and spa concepts. Consulting support can help you with press, business plans, sales, and other related areas to improve your MQ.

Reporters are like alligators. You don’t have to love them, you don’t necessarily have to like them. But you do have to feed them” – Anonymous So syncronize your media tactics, and get out there!




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