The use of “Virtual Assistants” in business. Could this work for your spa?

21 05 2007

Recently I found an article at, on the fast spreading trend of using virtual assistants to do your work. What I relief! This seemed to be a great solution for small businesses. With that in mind, let’s see how this can work in a small to medium size spa, and the benefits vs. the negatives.

A lot of small to medium size spas we see, are run with an owner who either is able to be onsite for management, or in very involved remotely, with a Spa Director to take care of manual tasks. That works great for the most part, but what about when you are ready to grow, need to do a special promotion, or just need someone to focus on a specfic task. This is where a virtual assistant can come into play. Like to use of a “Virtual” Spa Consultant or Coach, these virtual assistant work from home, or wherever their choice of office may be. Though virtually in another state or possibly in another country, these remote assistants still work for you! Tasks can range from promotional work, to project management, marketing or finding other resources. Of course, as with any other employee it is your responsibility to find a Virtual Assistant that is geared towards your needs and may have experience in a realted field. It can be a great source of relief for small business owners to be able to take advantage of an assistant like the big boys do. Spas are no exception here, if not a leader. Spas continue to grow at a high rate, and every person that considers a lifestyle change, has thought at some point of the relaxation and pleasures of owning a spa. As the ones who are already in this competitive arena, we know that is not the case. Spa, like any other are a business before they are an experience to your clients.

As “Virtual Assistants” are on the rise, and is a big trend for professionals to make the switch to a home based business, and independent work schedule, you may want to look into this option to use as an ongoing basis, or just temporary. It’s a new niche for people, and a win – win for both sides. There are virtual training locations, and even an International Virtual Assistants Association. money.jpgFind out the details at:




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